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We're in Amsterdam for the massive annual media and broadcast technology showcase - IBC. We'll have updates from the show until Tuesday, highlighting the 5G work we are showing on our stand as well as other demonstrations with partners. If you are at the show, come visit us on stand F.808!


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Tuesday 17th, 11:09am

Today's the day when things wrap up at IBC, and so we are in the last few hours of this year's show.  We're going to start our final day of updates with our features in today's IBC Daily magazine - they pick up on comments made by R&D's Ian Wagdin at a 5G talk with BT and EE. Ian was there to explain what the next steps are for using the new mobile standard in production - outlining how we're working with the EBU to tackle the next hallenge - syncing multiple 5G cameras.

IBC Daily coverage from Tuesday.

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Also in today's issue is coverage of the conference session on interactivity and audience engagement. Matt Brooks took part in a discussion and shared his experience of making the tools that enabled BBC Click's special 1000th episode, and more. Choice quote: "Complexity [is] the enemy of successful interactive applications."

Monday 16th, 2:19pm

Matt Brooks

Video update - here's Matt Brooks talking about the tools his team have built to create interactive, flexible and accessible media. These were all tried out this year when we put together a personalised documentary and also when we worked with BBC Click to produce an episode of their technology magazine show where you could choose what you wanted to watch.  Find out more about what we've done - and what we discovered - when we were trialling these new ways of making and watching TV.

BBC R&D - Try Click 1000

BBC R&D - Try Instagramification

Monday 16th, 12:21pm

Time for an IBC Daily roundup - our Forecaster5G experiments were featured in yesterday's mag - following up on the blog post R&D's Joe Eyles published just before IBC. It's a good read if you're interested in finding out how bandwidth-hungry media experiences of the future could be delivered by speedy 5G networks - if you're at the show, visit our stand to play with our demo and try it out for yourself.

IBC Daily stories from Monday.

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Today, IBC Daily has picked up on the Augmented Reality experience we have on show - remotely rendering the AR and delivering it over 5G.

Monday 16th, 10:06am

Over the last few years IBC's IP Showcase has been THE place to check out the media industry's adoption of IP production processes and products. This year's showcase has updates on recent developments and interoperability, and the R&D team are there discussing their work. Later today, R&D's Andrew Bonney will be going through the NMOS testing of the TR-1001-01 recommendations, and right now, Pete Brightwell is updating delegates on the current state of NMOS before returning at 1pm to show what ST 2110 and NMOS can mean for on-premise cloud.  Find out more.


Monday 16th, 9:48am

Alia Sheikh

Good morning! It's a video bonanza today - we'll have lots for you to watch coming up across the day, but for starters here's a highlight from yesterday's IBC Conference. In this presentation our team Alia Sheikh and James Gibson talk about the background to our 5G AR trials, where the experience was remotely rendered and delivered to mobile handsets over a 5G network. Visit them on the stand before the show closes tomorrow!

Sunday 15th, 3:07pm

The BBC Newsroom in New Broadcasting House

On Monday morning we're present in two talks - Andrew Murphy takes place in a discussion titled Radio Distribution Strategies for a Connected World, where he will be presenting what we have been doing in the 5G Rural First trials we've been conducting in Orkney over the last few months, broadcasting BBC Radio to the island of Stronsay. Find that in the Emerald Room at 9am tomorrow morning.

Later, at 11:30, BBC News Labs's Robert McKenzie will be talking about how his team have had success innovating in the newsroom and how they have set up new tools, processes and ways for working for journalists. Ideas will be shared in the Emerald Room - don't miss it!

We'll be back tomorrow morning with more updates as we start a new week and the end of the conference is in sight!

Sunday 15th, 1:52pm

It's nice to be talked about - and we've been tagged into tweets today, including this...

Sunday 15th, 12:37pm

Later today BBC R&D's Ian Wadgin will be talking on the BT stand, sharing our experiences of using 5G to deliver live, on-location news reports - which we blogged about earlier this year.

Sunday 15th, 10:21am

Day 3 has begun - and we're already busy! As well as the our own stand, don't forget we are exhibiting work on the EBU stand and in the IP Showcase - PLUS our colleagues Matt Brooks and Thomas Preece are talking about our object-based media trials in the IBC conference this morning, and our stand has been buzzing with interested people wanting to know more. You too? Then take a look at this...

Object-Based Media - Overview

Saturday 14th, 4:27pm

Our highlights from day 2 of IBC on social media:

Saturday 14th, 2:25pm

Instagramification Documentary Launch Screen

Object-based media is a huge part of our work, and so it's only right that it is present at this year's show. R&D's Matt Brooks is here to deliver a presentation related to the research paper his team's has put together which covers their work on OBM. It has been a big year in the world of objects - allowing users to choose what subjects were covered in an episode of BBC News's technology magazine show Click, and even creating a documentary personalised to a user's tastes. Find out more in the conference on Sunday morning at 9:15.

BBC R&D - Try Click 1000

BBC R&D - Try Instagramification

Saturday 14th, 11:56am

BBC Technology Correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones being filmed by a camerawoman using 5G to deliver the pictures back to the studio.

Another thing we're showing and discussing at IBC is how 5G could be useful in media production. We've already trialed using the public 5G network to deliver live pictures for a BBC News report back to the studio - and along with the EBU and other broadcasters, the work is helping to shape future 3GPP mobile standards.

As well as being able to meet the people behind these trials, our colleague Ian Wagdin is discussing in a talk at the EBU stand today, and on the BT stand on Sunday afternoon.

BBC R&D - Unlocking the Potential of 5G for Content Production

Saturday 14th, 10:30am

5G Tourism at the Roman Baths

Day 2 begins - and there'll be updates here all day, but let's start today by looking at one of our trials, remotely rendering high quality augmented reality, delivered to audiences via 5G on the device of their choice - come and try our demo on the BBC R&D stand and find out more

Friday 13th, 5:43pm

Day 1 of IBC is nearly over - and we round it off with a mention for something at the show first thing on Saturday morning - Andrew Murphy's Research Paper on 5G for Broadcasters is a supporting paper at the Conference Session on transmission technology. Check out the session at 9.30 on Saturday morning in Room E102.

That's all for now - Join us again here on Saturday for much more from the whole show!

Friday 13th, 4:27pm

A social update with a few highlights from our mentions on the first day of the show:

Friday 13th, 2:50pm

A wet tennis ball spinning through the air with droplets of water flying off it, creating a pattern in mid air

Tomorrow morning BBC R&D's Phil Layton is taking place in the Ultra HD Forum's Masterclass on UHD, talking about the trials we have conducted, alongside other representatives from KPN, France TV and BT. 9.30am in the Emerald Room, find out more details.

Friday 13th, 1:36pm

BBC R&D - 5G in Orkney

Our work is influencing 5G broadcast standards so that the technology can meet the BBC’s needs both now and in the future. So we’ve been working with the mobile industry and other broadcasters to enhance the 5G standards for TV and radio uses - and at IBC this week you can meet the team behind our Orkney 5G Broadcast trials that are featured in this video!

Friday 13th, 12:48pm

A loudspeaker.

As well as having our own stand at the show, we are present elsewhere, presenting our work in the IBC conference - the more discursive side of the show. We are also showing and talking on the stands of our partners - and this year, alongside our colleagues at IRT, we are presenting the result of our collaboration to bring ADM (Audio Definition Model, BS.2076) support to digital audio workstations.

This will allow producers to make, and share Next Generation Audio material, so called 'smart audio', which can allow users to personalise what they listen to.

Find the demo on the EBU stand, location 10.F20.

BBC R&D - Libear - An Open-Source Library for the EBU ADM Renderer

Friday 13th, 11:23am

We're featured three times in today's IBC Daily magazine - James Pearce has written about our AR experience, remotely rendered and delivered by 5G..

Today's IBC Daily articles.

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IBC Daily has also picked up on our 5G in Production work and the release of the Next Generation Audio advances we have made in contributing to the release of a new ITU specification.

Find all these articles on pages 8, 86 and 101 of today's IBC Daily.

Friday 13th, 10:37am

The BBC R&D stand at IBC 2019

Our stand is open for visitors - make sure you visit us - or if you aren't in Amsterdam we'll have updates for you here until the end of the show on Tuesday!


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