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The exhibition is underway, and our stand is open to IBC visitors. Today: our work on IP Studio profiled, HDR comes into view, and there's a VR masterclass at the show.

After a day of conference yesterday the wraps are taken off and the stands on the show floor are available to visit today.  We have a presence, in the Future Zone, stand 8F20 - that’s Hall 8, on stand 20, but we're appearing on other stands, as well as presenting papers in the conference all weekend too - get the full listing and a downloadable guide. If you do spot us anywhere at IBC then do tweet us (#BBCIBC) or share a post on Facebook. We will pick out some of the best images!

BBC R&D's work on IP Studio is in the spotlight today. Pete Brightwell presents our work on the project at conference at lunchtime today, and he's interviewed in today's IBC Daily (p6) about IP production from capture to distribution and the AMWA Networked Media Incubator Project:

"That is a big part of our work, as we take stock of where we are now in the IP world and the expected evolution," said Brightwell. "We are working within the Incubator group on the next generation of APIs for the industry."

Also at midday, Alex Rawcliffe will be talking about industry support for interoperability in IP based systems - details and location on our listing page.  You can meet the team responsible for our IP Studio project at our stand for the duration of the show, and you find out about the work we've done so far.

It's announced today that BBC R&D has two of the top eight technical papers at IBC this year. The papers - ‘Creating object-based experiences in the real world’ and ‘Directing attention in 360-degree video’ were reviewed by a committee of 20 industry specialists after being selected from 330 synopses submitted by industry experts globally.  R&D’s work championing object based media as an approach to broadcasting in an IP world has spawned several prototypes illustrating its potential benefits for both production and audiences. R&D’s work in 360 was celebrated at BBC VR events in June.  Both papers are presented at IBC conference tomorrow - Alia Sheikh talks about her paper session in this video:

VR is also a big theme of today's conference - friend of BBC R&D Muki Kulhan has produced a Masterclass in VR for this afternoon's show, and so we're hoping some of our big VR projects will make an appearance there! Earlier in the day there's also a session at IBC Conference on the journey from TV to VR which interests us - one worth checking out.  We'll have more details on our work on VR later this week on the daily blog, but if you're at the show go and visit the BBC Taster team who are showing off our VR exeriences in Amsterdam!

A pair of talks on High Dynamic Range and Wide Colour Gamut are some of today's other highlights. High dynamic range (HDR) television increases the difference between black and white beyond the contrast range of conventional television which means water can glisten, stars can twinkle, and sunlight can be golden, all whilst maintaining detail in the shadows. BBC R&D's Simon Thompson has a supporting paper at a morning session on HDR in the Advances in Technology stream, and at lunchtime our Andrew Cotton talks about how and why we developed our Hybrid Log-Gamma HDR solution with NHK. If you can't make the session today, Andrew repeats the talk on Monday.

If you're interested in the Friday afternoon session on Localising Content, Reaching a Worldwide Audience with speakers discussing language versioning and subtitling, then you'll be interested in some of the work BBC R&D and BBC News Labs are presenting at IBC this week.  On Saturday Mike Armstrong explains how speech to text, audio fingerprinting and metadata helped us to auto subtitle thousands of web clips. And on Monday Susanne Weber shows how we have used machine translation and speech synthesis to automatically translate videoBoth papers can be read online now, and Susanne talks about her work in this video:

We'll be updating this page across the day as we spot more highlights, but tweet us (#BBCIBC) or share a post on Facebook and we'll share the best!

On tomorrow's IBC blog: object based experiences, 360 video, CAKE, and more...

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