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I recently gave a presentation about our IP Studio work to the UK Network Operators Forum. The occasion was UKNOF34 in Manchester, the latest in a series of gatherings for engineers working on the internet or other large-scale computer networks.

The audience were technical staff from ISPs (from the largest in the country to the smallest), telecoms companies, data centre operators and equipment vendors. Most are not directly involved in TV production, so the presentation starts with a brief introduction to the way most TV studios are wired up at the moment. It then outlines the benefits that could follow from moving the infrastructure away from specialised video and audio hardware towards using more standard general-purpose servers on an IP network, and looks at some of BBC R&D’s work in that area.

The second half of the presentation focuses on high bandwidth uncompressed video as used in TV studios. As productions start to use UHD resolution and higher frame rates, each camera can produce many gigabits-per-second of data. I talk about the software architectures required to move these data streams efficiently and reliably between servers on the network.

A video of the presentation is above, and on YouTube. You can also find videos of all the other presentations from this and other UKNOF meetings on YouTube.

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