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We've created an interactive binaural trailer for Ring on BBC Taster to promote the full binaural horror play that was released this Saturday for Halloween, as part of Radio 4's Fright Night. Grab some headphones and try it out on BBC Taster or read a bit more about it in this post.

For Halloween this year we worked with Radio 4 and two very talented production teams to create binaural headphone mixes of two newly-commissioned spooky radio plays. You can read more about that in my previous post. Both plays are available online and through the iPlayer Radio app for 30 days.

We've also created an interactive binaural trailer for Ring on BBC Taster, using a very similar approach to that used in the Unearthed pilot that was launched this summer. We collaborated with the Realise agency to create an audio-led 360˚ binaural scene that the listener can rotate. It also works on the latest iOS and Android devices and a great new feature is that you can use the device orientation data to rotate the scene. If you have one of these devices, you can pop your headphones on and spin around with the device in your hands to hear the sounds around you (I made a scrubbable video to show you what I mean). If you don't have such a device, you can still rotate the sounds by clicking and dragging the ring.

This interactive 3D sound trailer demonstrates an exciting future for binaural technology. With the emergence of virtual reality headsets and production of 360˚ video content, which can now be viewed on YouTube and Facebook, it provides the all-important audio component of these personal immersive content experiences. Hopefully this demonstrates that it works well for audio-only content too. This is made possible through the Web Audio API, which lets you process audio signals in real-time in the web browser and is now becoming more widely supported.

Try the Ring interactive trailer on Taster

Listen to Ring in binaural

Listen to The Stone Tape in binaural

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