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On Sunday women around the world celebrated International Women's Day, on the Friday beforehand Tech City held a showcase event to highlight and support women's expertise in technology and creative industries.

The showcase was the 3rd annual edition of the event from Tech City, run by three incredible women Alex Deschamps-Sonsino, Ana Bradley, & Becky Stewart, and was hosted at the Digital Catapult Centre.

Alex opens the event

The event was open to creative specialists from the UK, exhibitors demonstrated new technology and inspriational ways of supporting women, including: Articulate, Birdsong Fashion, Tech for Good, & Tampon Club.

Microsoft Resarch showed some enchanting jewellery in the form of Project Blush a prototype networked accessory range. The set contains a ring with an embedded colour sensor, which can capture colour samples from surfaces & textiles to display them on paired jewellery. This Bluetooth LE network of wearables was incredibly neat!

Colour Sensing Jewellery

I shared some recent R&D work designing and manufacturing hardware for a user trial of the Playlist Button, an iteration of the Connected Fob for Radio work, which will be covered in a separate upcoming blog post. The Button is a small, simple one-touch device which provides a way for FM/ DAB or online listeners to interact with BBC Playlister. 

Trial Playlist Button

Playlist Button hardware

Other exhibitors showed environmental sensing & baby monitoring products, such as the Pacif-I smart temperature monitor, and aspirational fiction for youngsters where the dressing-up box doesn't stop at princess costumes...

Digital Catapult centre

Digital Catapult centre

To hear more about diversity in tech from R&D, read Rosie & Charlotte's blog post on Women in Tech & Technacool.