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The ethics of personal data use is something BBC R&D takes very seriously. We brought together a number of experts to ask their views on personal data use, which we’ve compiled into mini documentaries for you to view and feedback on. We encourage you to add feedback directly to the short documentaries and share them with friends.

As we explore the implications of our emerging data rich world through the lens of the physical internet, personal data, data ownership and data management; we pause for thought. Such pauses enable us to examine the ethics of privacy and security in the era of self-publishing data and physical things/spaces which capture data.

BBC R&D - The Ethics of Personal Data Video Series

The BBC’s public purposes include “delivering to the public the benefit of emerging communications technologies and services”, and the management of personal data is an area that will affect everyone. The use and misuse of that data has the power to both enrich and ruin people's lives.

In recent times there has been quite a few news stories involving personal data at the heart of the story. Alongside the continuing number of stories, the last month has brought us International Data Protection Day and Safer Internet Day. The latter is a day which promotes safer and more responsible use of online technology and mobile phones, among children and young people globally. But it’s not just young people and there is a serious question, should/can it be the sole responsibility of the user?

In mid-2014 we interviewed a large number of industry experts’ about the ethics of personal data. We then applied a number of angles including the physical internet, personal data, data ownership and data management. The results we compiled together and edited down into 4 mini documentaries, which you can now view and comment on. The videos are debate-provoking and are not the opinions of the BBC or BBC R&D but we welcome your feedback.

BBC R&D - Quantified Self and the Ethics of Personal Data

BBC R&D - Eye Spy, a Year of Tracking

BBC R&D - Privacy on TV