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These are weekly notes from the Internet Research & Future Services team in BBC R&D where we share what we do. We work in the open, using technology and design to make new things on the internet. You can follow us on Twitter at @bbcirfs.

The last couple of weeks have seen the IRFS team getting our work into the world - planning, running and attending a number of events.

IBC 2013

Chris Newell and Libby presented our work on real-time IPTV audience analysis on the ViSTA-TV project at the International Broadcasting Conference in Amsterdam. Yves and Dominic also presented a demonstration of Automatic Broadcast Content Interlinking from the ABC-IP project.

British HCI 2013 workshop

User experience team members Andrew Nicolaou and Joanne Moore attended the BBC R&D run workshop entitled Interacting with Media in Connected Environments at the British HCI 2013 conference. The workshop attracted Internet of Things people exploring connected media experiences and Andrew N took the opportunity to share his Tweel Owl, a fun Twitter message printer currently installed in the Radio 1 Dan & Phil show

Wikipedia #speakerthon

Michael S is planning the upcoming #speakerthon event that will bring Wikipedians together to find voice samples of people in the public sphere (using Snippets) to be made available on Wikipedia, which will be useful for the BBC R&D voice sample experiment.

Also relating to ‘people’ - Michael paired with Sam Davies to build a Twitter bot that tweets artist information when they're playing on BBC radio.  

FI Content phase 2

Barbara has been holding telcos and reviewing draft deliverables with the european project partners. She's also prepared presentations for the PPP (EU scheme) matchmaking event with EU SMEs in Poznam.


Yves Raimond gave a keynote on the BBC's use of Semantic Web technologies at the i-Semantics conference in AustriaThe slides are here.

Reasons to be Creative

Anthony Onumonu and Thomas Parisot attended the Reasons to be Creative conference, three packed days of inspiration from some of the world's best in art, design and code. 


James Harrison has turned his focus to COMMA, wrapping his head around the Amazon Simple Workflow Service by implementing a few test cases, with a goal to adding support for the AMSS within our demos and tests.

Yves Raimond resumed his work on automated speech recognition, to make it available through COMMA for the initial trial, building on the archive annotation work from the World Service archive prototype

Responsive News 

Thomas Parisot has been contributing to front end development innovation with the Responsive News team. Firstly, validating an upgrade of the Sass compiler to support Source Maps – a huge time saver for front end developers.

Secondly, he’s contributed to Imager.jsa JavaScript library that optimises images for responsive UIs based on image quality and time to load. Google Advocates often quote this project for its very pragmatic and efficient approach. The goal was to improve the code quality of the Open Source project, to deliver a less opinionated software design in order to bridge it with their slightly different internal codebase.

Around the web

Got 15 minutes free? Try Tom Armitage’s The Coded Worldshort programme about how code and programming helps creativity.

Just a Reflektor: a short film combining interaction on your computer and smartphone. 

Reshaping interactive visualisation - an interactive visualisation by the New York Times.

Adam's Greednfields blog post on smart cities, sensor devices, the Internet of Things and technocratic solutionism.

Our wrists appear to be the latest "hot" piece of IoT real estate, if the Verge and BBC Technology News are any indication.

Music Machinery looks at Google Trends on a tour of "which music services are growing/shrinking". 

Adam Crymbal's thesis on Distance Reading and the Digital Humanities in a 2 min video.

Ed Chi's keynote at the i-Sematics conference about usage analysis of social networks and language barriers.

Reasons to be Creative

And finally 

Don't Hug Me I'm Scared - a very disturbing rap video about creativity.

Olivier T’s shameless self-promotion spot… A digital publisher muses (in French) about the topic of a conference talk I've prepared about the Aesthetic Rusting Web.