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Almost 7 months ago, we started thinking about what it would take to reinvent our Research and Development department's web site into a friendly, living, breathing, dynamic and truly world class repository of knowledge and information about the work we have been doing since the 1930s.

The result is live today, in the shape of this (beta) web site. We hope you like it.

We are planning for more content to be added or migrated from the "old" site, and features to be added beyond the current beta period. One such feature is the R&D blog, which we have integrated with the main R&D site. There won't be any way to comment on blog posts for the time being, as we take the time to figure out how to best create and nurture conversations around the new site. In the meantime, we welcome conversations on twitter. You can find us there at @BBCRD.

Make sure to have a look at the projects and publications already featured - more will be added soon. And if you would like to have an overview of who we are and what we do, hop over to the explanation pages about our purpose or our areas of work.

For the sake of posterity, this is what the site looked until yesterday:


Update 2013-04-08: We also have a post on the BBC Internet blog with more behind-the-scenes details about how we built the site.