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It may be the wrong season for easter egg hunting?

A little while ago we mentioned we will be shutting down our first Perceptive Media prototype: Breaking Out . Having collected enough feedback from you all, we can reveal the easter egg and go into more technical depth about how it was built.

For this I would like to introduce Happyworm (Mark Boas and Mark Panaghiston) who wrote the code for the whole project. They have most of the detail in their blog post including how to enable the easter egg.

Here be dragons

To understand how everything was working, we needed to have a hidden control panel, that enabled control over the vast majority of the variables through out the audio play. We call it the Easter Egg and it enables us to have control of many aspects including timing, depth staging, track volume, faders and filters.

Now you can have a play and have a better understanding of how its all put together by allowing the whole play to load (wait for the lift scene to finish) and wait for the lift buttons. Then click under the last 2 of the copyright 2012 on the bottom right

Easter egg for Breaking Out audioplay

Once this is done correctly, you will see the above text. If you find it hard to find the little button, try highlighting the area with your mouse and you should see it clearly.

After clicking the button, you can see the control panel at the very top right. Clicking on the text will reveal options which you can play with. I highly recommend changing one thing at a time and listening to the difference. Some of them can be applied in real time and others will have you reaching for the stop/reload button.

One of our favorites is the depth control between foreground and background sounds. You can easily imagine automatically adjusting the depth control if the person is hard of hearing or in a noisy environment.

So what you waiting for? Go have a play...