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The young and the older get there chance to conduct the virtual orchestra

Manchester's Northern Quarter was transformed into a massive street party for the creative crowds during Friday bank holiday. Billed as a celebration of the creativity and alternative culture of Manchester's northern quarter, the street party was a great place to experiment in the open with the wider public. With the help and support of Manchester's Digital Labitory named Madlab BBC R&D and BBC North ran a gaming wonderland during the street party.

Conducting with the best of them

The centre point of the gaming wonderland was the BBC R&D project Virtual Maestro which attracted and conjoured up the thoughts and views of the general public.

As Max said previously...

As well as being brilliant fun for the public to play with, demos like these are a great way to illustrate some the technical work that happens here at the beeb.

Virtual Maestro will be back at the Manchester International Festival in July. But at the street party it went down very well with lots of people trying it out. Lots of photos can be found on Flickr.

Alongside the Maestro, we ran a wii bowling competition and I can happily announce our winner with a verified score of 188 on the day was Rachael Norris. Some R&D schwag will be heading her way soon enough...