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BBC R&D runs a Trainee Technologist programme, taking graduate and graduate equivalent applicants from a range of backgrounds and right now we are accepting applications to enter the programme in Manchester and London based rolls. The deadline for this years entry is the 18th of January, so if you fancy your hand at this sort of work, get your skates on and your application in quick!


For a quick overview of what sort of work our staff get up to take a look at Tony and Bruce on these video's for the 'Job's North' BBC site. Tony is currently in the Trainee Technologist programme, Bruce finished it, erm, "some time ago". The work is pretty varied, and our research staff have a wide range of backgrounds in different branches of engineering, electronics, and science. The rapid propogation of IP technologies and the increasing need to develop innovative interface models for new services mean we're increasingly leaning on ergonomics, design and skills from the psychological sciences too in order to push the frontier of media technology. And above all we need a creative inquisitiveness in all our researchers.

We do take great care to run a fair recruitment process, but we also recognise the system is a bit daunting at first to potential recruits. Do please take the time to fill in the online forms with a bit of care- and remember you can save as you go. Our recruitment process is very much 'evidence based'- the job description we supply can be used as a kind of check list for the sort of things we'd like to see evidence of in your background, qualifications and experience.

So, what do you fancy doing in 2010?