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We're mothballing the BBC R&D Knowledge Exchange blog this week- it will still be online and all the content maintined, but no new entries will appear there- so this is a good opportunity for us to have a quick look at the academic collaboration that R&D is engaged in.


R&D is awash with examples of fantastic collaboration with industry and academia. The formal partnership with the Arts and Humanities Research Council was kind of unique though in its incremental engagement with individuals from relevant faculties in various universities which culminated in the delivery of 8 co-funded research projects partnered jointly by lead academics and BBC staff, and specifically targeted at areas of strategic importance to FM+T strategy at the time. Its an interesting model and by and large was a successful knowledge exchange pilot programme. We've blogged extensively about it in the past, and the papers are available to download.
Whilst we continue to map the shape of our strategic partnerships agenda within R&D moving forward, we want to share our best practice do's and don'ts for successful collaborative partnerships with academia based on our experience working at the heart of this particular programme over the last 3 years and we'll be uploading a document shortly for perusal and comment. By we, I mean my BBC colleague Brendan Crowther, Julie Taylor from Goldsmiths, Sue Amor and Jo Pollack from the AHRC and David Good from Cambridge. We also sent evaluation questionnaires out to all the project partners for their feedback on the whole collaborative process and these too will be available on this site soon.