Research & Development


  • DVB-T2


    The second generation standard for digital terrestrial transmission that improved capacity and performance for Freeview HD. The underlying technology in our modulators and demodulators has since been licensed to a number of different partners and used in commercial products.

    DVB-T2 standard essential patent rights are available via the DVB-T2 Portfolio License Agreement offered by Sisvel or directly from BBC R&D.

  • Video Coding

    Video Coding

    The H.265/HEVC video compression standard provides large bit-rate reductions (up to 50%) over its predecessor H.264/AVC.

    HEVC standard essential patent rights are available via the HEVC Patent Portfolio License Agreement offered by MPEG LA or directly from BBC R&D.

  • Turing Codec

    Turing Codec

    Our HEVC Turing Codec is video encoder compliant with the HEVC standard. It provides highly efficient compression of video content with low computational complexity. It is available under an open source license (GPL 2.0). A proprietary commercial license is available from BBC R&D.

  • HLG Look-Up Tables (LUTs)

    HLG Look-Up Tables (LUTs)

    To facilitate the introduction of Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG) production, we are licensing a package of look-up tables (LUTs) which implement a range of key format conversions.

    The conversions are implemented as 33-cube 3D-LUTs and include conversions to and from the common implementations of HDR as well as conversions from SDR to HLG.

    As part of the package we also offer a 65-cube 3D-LUT for loading into a Dolby PRM-4200/4220 display, to add support for BT.2100 HLG.

  • Camera & Object Tracking Libraries

    Camera & Object Tracking Libraries

    A commercially-available graphics system based on our computer vision work, as used in the Piero system which produces 3D graphics to help analyse and explain sports events, for use by TV presenters and sports pundits.

  • Half RF Radio Camera

    Half RF Radio Camera

    Our technology allows transmitting spectrally-efficient HD/UHD video from radio-cameras, halving the bandwidth required for video transmission over the air using Multiple-input Multiple-output (MIMO) wireless technology.

  • VC-2 Optimized Software Encoder and Decoder

    VC-2 Optimized Software Encoder and Decoder

    VC-2 is a low-latency video codec that uses wavelet transforms and entropy coding. It can be readily implemented in hardware or software at very high bit rates. It is derived from a subset of the Dirac codec developed by BBC R&D in the early 2000s.

    The codec has also been specified in SMPTE ST 2042-1 and reference implementations are available.

    An Optimized software encode and decode is available for licence which is very performant and scales well across multiple threads. It is available under both a GPL licence for testing as well as a licence for commercial use.

  • LS 3/5a, LS 5/9 and LS 5/8 Loudspeakers

    LS 3/5a, LS 5/9 and LS 5/8 Loudspeakers

    These Speakers and their modern successors have been used for monitoring in studios for many years. They are well renowned for their performance and audio quality. The designs and specifications for these classic units and later models, are licenced to suitable manufacturers.