Terms of Use

We want you to enjoy contributing to and using the Rap Map UK website. There are a few rules to stick to and they are in the BBC’s Terms of Use. And some extra terms apply and they are set out here. When you upload a rap to the Rap Map you agree to the BBC’s Terms of Use and these extra terms.

1. Creating a Profile

You must be 18 years old or over to create a Profile and to upload your rap to the Rap Map.

You must be a UK resident.

Don’t upload your music if you work for the BBC or if you’re already signed to a major record label (for example: EMI, SonyBMG, Warner Universal and all affiliates).

If you have any questions relating to the BBC’s Terms of Use please contact rapmap@bbc.co.uk

Keep the information you provide in your Profile accurate and up-to-date. Don’t share information that you do not have permission to share (such as confidential information of others). To find out how we use and retain your personal data read our Privacy Notice.

If you want the BBC to stop using your rap in the Rap Map you can ask us to delete your Profile, but we won’t be able to remove it from other places we use it (such as in a TV or radio show). For more information please see our Privacy Notice.

2. Uploading a Profile image

Make sure that the Profile image you upload is one that the BBC can use for as long as we need and that we can use it anywhere in the world in any medium (for example radio, TV, internet (including social media channels)) without a photographer’s credit. Don’t use an image that’s offensive or inflammatory.

The BBC can edit and use your image for the purpose of promoting you as an artist or BBC Rap Map UK and The Rap Game UK.

3. Uploading your rap

You'll be able to upload your rap until 29 November 2020. It must be a maximum of 60 seconds long and be “a capella” – which means no backing tracks or other accompaniment please.

You must own the copyright in the rap you upload or have permission (the rights) to upload it. So you’ll have to show us that it’s your own work. And you must be 18 years old or over.

Make sure the rap doesn’t have explicit or inflammatory language. And it should not unduly promote a commercial brand or entity.

You give us permission to edit and use, host or store the rap you upload in BBC services or content for the purpose of promoting you or BBC Three's The Rap Game UK and Rap Map. This includes broadcasting or publishing your music on the BBC’s radio and TV networks, websites, apps and social accounts.

We hope to use your rap but can’t guarantee that it will be included on the Rap Map.

We can remove your uploaded rap if you don’t stick to the BBC’s Terms of Use and these extra terms.