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Scottish Book Trust, the leading agency for the promotion of literature, reading and writing in Scotland, has joined forces with BBC Radio Scotland to launch Days Like This, a new and exciting campaign which will help paint a contemporary picture of Scotland through the real life stories and memories of its people. Hundreds of people are contributing; have a look at all the stories and contributors from A to Z.

Days Like This will give people across Scotland the chance to be a part of the nation's history by writing a story about a special day in their life, which made a strong impression on them. The project aims to gather thousands of extraordinary tales from ordinary people.

Author Irvine Welsh, broadcaster Hardeep Singh Kohli, actress Siobhan Redmond, mountaineer Jamie Andrew, percussionist Evelyn Glennie and Idlewild frontman Roddy Woomble have joined the project as celebrity curators, and have written and recorded their own story as an inspiration for people to do the same.

Irvine Welsh said: "The great thing about Days Like This is that it simplifies and demystifies what writing is actually about. When people start from the known or the personal, it gives them the confidence to build up and then explore new issues and forms of storytelling".

Roddy Woomble said: "Days Like This offers everyone in Scotland the chance to contribute, to tell their story, and create a literary time capsule, detailing the experiences, the trials and tribulations, the yarns and histories, the fortunes and mishaps of the people living in Scotland in 2008. It's got the potential to be quite a book".

Evelyn Glennie said: "I enjoy projects of this nature because they enable me to go beyond my day to day events and to reflect on what is special about my life, my career and my future. I am really looking forward to reading the entries and sharing other people's experiences".

Jamie Andrew said: "I believe that everyone has an interesting story to tell. As a very ordinary person in extraordinary circumstances, I am greatly aware of the incredible lives that ordinary people lead. Days Like This is a wonderful opportunity to provide a platform for those stories, to collect them together and make them available for everyone."

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