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World's Most Unhealthy Foods


The Ukranian dish chocolate salo pix.The Ukrainian - Chocolate salo.
Recent reports have strongly criticised the unhealthy diet that's creeping into British culture. Many experts warn of long-term health effects and the impact on the N.H.S - but is Britain alone?

Helen Fawkes in the Ukraine samples one of the world's most unhealthy foods - pork fat covered in chocolate.
Karadjodje steak - another contender for the world's most unhealthy dish. Matt Prodger is in Belgrade.
Our search for the world's unhealthiest food continues with a dish called 'poutine' from Canada.
The search for the world's unhealthiest foods continues with Ray Furlong in Germany.
Chocolate covered pork fat.

Tasty? Pork fat covered in chocolate.

The Health Select Committee report on obesity.

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The serbian steak

The steak named after a Prince.
Fish and Chips

British treat - fish and chips.
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The size of the British waistline has been slowly rising over the last few decades. Following the restrictive post-war rationing diets have changed remarkably.

Supermarket shelves are filled with sugary snacks and freezers packed with ready made meals to help families cope with busy lifestyles.

The Today Programme has decided to find out if other countries are as unhealthy - so over the course of a week we will be travelling around the globe to find out what other nations are eating...

Our first stop was the Ukraine. Helen Fawkes came across a dish called ‘Chocolate Salo’: The dish is a tasty mix of pork fat covered in… chocolate.

The next port of call was the Serbian capital of Belgrade. Here Matt Prodger came across the famous deep fried steak known as 'Karadjordje Stea'k - named after the Prince of Serbia.

The next country on our whistlestop tour was Canada. In Toronto our reporter Lee Carter discovered 'Poutine'. This dish is was originally dreamt up in a French town on the outskirts of Quebec. The dish is made of thin fries, fresh cheddar cheese curds and to top it off - a serving of gravy. The curds have to be fresh so they do not melt. If this happens the dish is dismissed as a fake.

We sent our next reporter on a Bavarian mission. Ray Furlong has ordered a dish called Schweinshax'n - the main ingredient is deep fried leg of pig.

Chocolate Salo Recipe
* Cut off a section of pork fat (but avoid the rind unless you are really adventurous.)
*Carvethe meat into a shape of your choice.
* Cover in melted chocolate andstore in the freezer.
* Once the chocolate has set, eat and enjoy.

Karadjordje Steak:
* One fillet of veal or pork.
* Coat with generous helping of kajmak (fermented milk top) and egg yolk.
* Wrap with bacon or ham (optional)
* Cover with breadcrumbs.
* Deep fry for ten minutes.

* French fries
* Fresh cheddar cheese curds
* Gravy poured all over the dish.

* Bread and lard
* Deep fried leg of pig
* Fruit dumplings and cream

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