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Continuing the series about the seven ages of humanity
Tuesdays 9.00-9.30pm 10 June to 1 July 2003 Rpt Wed 4.30pm

In her continuing look at health and wellbeing over the seven ages of man, Connie St Louis turns her attentions to the adult years of 40 - 60.
As we approach middle age changes in health, family circumstances can make us think about where we are in our lives. Decisions about health and lifestyle now can affect our health and wellbeing well into old age.

Warren Clarke and Alun Armstrong

1. Changing Bodies

The first programme looks at our changing bodies – are we falling apart? Hair may start greying, our joints creaking, or eyesight failing. What causes these changes and can we do anything to prevent them or at least reduce their impact? Connie meets a trichologist who explains what’s happening to hair as its follicles reach middle age and she meets back expert, Dr Steve Longworth to find out what is the best way to keep a healthy posture. And are we at more risk of disease at this time of life? In this programme Connie takes her husband for an all over health check to see if lifestyle changes would reduce his risk of developing conditions like diabetes or hypertension. But does screening for disease in well people actually do any good? In this programme Connie finds out which bits of us are more prone to the effects of ageing and what are the best measures to keep them healthy.

Listen again to programme 1 Listen again to Programme 1

2. Changing Identities

The second programme looks at the mental impact of ageing and our changing identity. How do we see ourselves as we approach our middle years? If children are leaving the family home, does this leave an empty nest or provide opportunity and time for a renewed relationship with our partner. Our changing fertility leads to hormonal changes – what do these do to the body and how do we feel about our changing fertility? Does the menopause affect men and women differently?

Listen again to programme 2 Listen again to Programme 2

3. The Menopause

In the third programme, Connie St Louis (as a forty-something) discovers the evolutionary reasons for the menopause, the science behind mood swings and how to avoid osteoporosis.

Listen again to programme 3 Listen again to Programme 3

4. Men's Health

What happens to men's hormones with age and is there such a thing as a male menopause? Connie will also be looking at some of diseases which affect men in middle age including cardiovascular disease and prostate cancer.

Listen again to programme 4 Listen again to Programme 4
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