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Routes of English

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The Routes of English - BBC Radio 4
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Home What is Spanglish?                                           Sep 6 2001
We explore the rise of powerful non-English linguistic forces in the United States
The Dawn of English Raj to Riches English                                        Sep 13 2001
English in India, despite being the imposed language of the imperial power, had equally the force to unite the nation.
France and England The Hurricane Speaks                                      Sep 20 2001
Here we take up the story of Caribbean English where the Brixton Routes left off.
Tabard Inn to Canterbury Beyond the Cringe                                            Sep 27 2001
In the 1950s Australian English was more Westminster than Woolloomooloo - the last days of the "colonial cringe".
The Power of English The Long Trek to Freedom                                  Oct 4 2001
English becomes the language of liberation as Afrikaans takes on the label of oppression
Import/Export Whose English Is It, Anyway?                           Oct 11 2001
Used on the internet, the UN and between speakers for whom it is native language for neither - Is it English?
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Behind the Scenes
With series producers, Simon Elmes and Tony Phillips.
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