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Do You Know What You Are Saying?
Routes of English - special
Melvyn Bragg explores how computing and science are affecting the way we use our language.
Churchill's Roar
Routes of English - special
Melvyn Bragg on Sir Winston Churchill's powerful use of the english language.
Talking Posh
Routes of English - special
Melvyn Bragg turns his attention to the mysterious speech patterns of Britain's aristocrats.
People and Places
series with world service. Melvyn Bragg tells the story of the spread of spoken english round the world. programme 6:
Accents and Dialects
How are our local dialects surviving the pervasive influence of estuary english?
Humour and Cussing
Language to play with, to abuse, to impress - and constantly changing.
Evolving English
English has become a world power, but it is not one language. we look at its past and future
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Behind the Scenes
With series producers, Simon Elmes and Tony Phillips.
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