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Reith Lectures

Reith 2003
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Useful Links

Below are some useful links to sites of interest.
About Professor Ramachandran

Professor Ramachandran's website
Find out more about Professor Ramachandran

Background to the lectures

The background to these lectures was a series of articles by Professor Ramachandran for the Journal of Consciousness Studies. The Journal has kindly made these articles available.

Synapses and the Self
The Artful Brain
Purple Numbers and Sharp Cheese

Other BBC sites of interest

Interactive brain (from BBCi Science)
How does the brain work? Find out where your cerebellum is and what your medulla oblongata does.

The Human Body (the brain and the spinal chord) (from BBCi Science)
A brief introduction to all aspects of the brain.

Intelligence (from BBCi Science)
An overview of issues relating to the brain and intelligence.

The Brain (from The Life of Mammals, BBCi Nature)
Another introduction to all aspects of the brain.

The Brain (from BBCi World Service)
Another introduction to all aspects of the brain.

God on the Brain (from Horizon)
Is a part of the brain closely connected with the sensations of belief?

About the Brain

The Open University - Introduction to the Brain
A comprehensive introduction to the human brain and nervous system.

The Whole Brain Atlas
A collection of images of brain scans showing all aspects of the brain.

Brain Awareness Week
Aims to elevate the public awareness of brain and nervous system research.

Brain Briefings (from the Society for Neuroscience)
A series of two-page newsletters explaining how basic neuroscience discoveries lead to clinical applications.

Brain Facts (from the Society for Neuroscience)
A 52-page primer on the brain and nervous system, published by the Society for Neuroscience.

Journal of Consciousness Studies
A peer-reviewed monthly which examines issues of the brain in plain English.
An internet site dealing with consciousness, transcendence, and the brain, not to mention poetry, art, and music.

Mind/ Brain Behaviour (from Harvard University)
An interfaculty initiative exploring issures of conciousness and behaviour.

The Mind/Brain Institute (from John Hopkins University)
The institute is dedicated to the study of the neural mechanisms of higher brain functions using modern neurophysiological, anatomical, and computational techniques.

Mind and Body: René Descartes to William James (from Serendip)
An overview of the debates around mind/body dualism.

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The Lectures

Lecture 1:
  • Phantoms in the Brain
    Lecture 2:
  • Synapses and the Self
    Lecture 3:
  • The Artful Brain
    Lecture 4:
  • Purple Numbers and Sharp Cheese
    Lecture 5:
  • Neuroscience - the New Philosophy

  • Glossary

    A collection of useful definitions, diagrams and dissections.

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