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Jon Ronson On
Listen again to the latest edition of Jon Ronson On ...Thursday 23.00 - 23.30,
28 Aug - 25 Sept 2008
28 Aug  - 25 Sept 2008
Thursday 11.00-11.30pm
Jon Ronson
Jon Ronson is back with some more interesting and incredible stories, interviews and out and about packages, served up with the usual Ronson wit and mixed with a late night soundtrack.
Next week at this time:

Each week in a series of interviews, short location reports, scripted monologues, phone calls etc, Jon Ronson delves into a world of personal stories surrounding the central theme which all shed light on the human condition.

Sometimes Jon goes in search of answers and stories himself, sometimes his team of contributors do it for him. The end result is an original, fascinating, funny, poignant and often philosophical journey through the human experience.

There are contributions from comedian Danny Robbins, Writer Jeremy Dyson, and journalist Simon Jacobs.

The programme also sounds like nothing else before.  It is populated by an eclectic mix of music tracks used creatively to enhance the speech and give a particularly late night feel to it - a kind of living nightmare in the chill out room feel. 

August 28th – Jon Ronson On…Bad News

The fourth series of Jon Ronson On… kicks off with a look at how we take bad news. John Brandrick, when told that he had terminal cancer, set about spending the last six months of his life living it up – eating out every day, throwing lavish parties for his friends and spending all his money. He even threw out all his clothes except the ones he stood in and the suit he was going to be buried in….but the bad news got better – his cancer was in fact not cancer and he was given the all clear and a normal life expectancy. In his words he was ‘livid’ and in terrible circumstances.

Other bad news stories in the programme include the born again LA Times religious correspondent who found so many bad news stories on his beat that he lost his belief in God. How did he tell his editor, his wife and his priest? Contributions also from Charlie Brooker. 

September 4th – Jon Ronson On….Being Fancy

This programme takes one man’s story as its heart – that of Elliot Castro who spent 5 years being a con man and living a 5 star life without working for it. Jon travels to Glasgow to meet Castro to discover how his insatiable desire for fancy living drove him to steal hundreds of thousands of pounds with false credit cards. Castro always travelled first class around the world, pursuing a fantasy life that eventually spiralled out of control. Jon unpicks Castro’s story and hears about his early school years when he would try to convince his school friends he had magic powers, right up to his eventual demise that caused him to be sent to jail.

Why do we have a need to be fancy? The programme also contains contributions from writer Charlie Brooker who offers his thoughts on travelling first class and wealth counsellor Theyer Willis who advises rich people on how to cope with their huge wealth.

September 11th –Jon Ronson On….States of Mind

Journalist and documentary maker Jon Ronson looks at how we exist in different states of reality – it all depends on the balance of our mind. He talks to ex labour spin doctor and pshycho-analyst Derek Draper about the sociopathic behaviour in parliament. He interviews the ex Norwegian prime minister who resigned publicly announcing he was depressed. He later went on to be re-elected. There is also an update on a story from the last series – David Shayler, ex MI5 officer has announced he is the Messiah and he invites Jon along to his first press conference. 

September 18th – How To Stop Time

Jon Ronson wonders how, in a world where life seems to be steaming faster and faster towards the end, like a journey to Heathrow airport from North London, according to London Mayor Boris Johnson, we can slow down time. He meets a man who has slowed time right down by staying up for nights and nights in a row and entering into a heightened state (don’t try this at home). He also talks to a physicist who is working on time travel. Professor Ronald Mallett was 10 years old when his father died and he vowed at the time that he would invent a machine to take him back to see his father again. He has spent his life’s work doing so and says if the money was available, they could send a particle through time right now. Comedian Danny Robins will also try to stop time by going to live in a house frozen in 1793 on the Scottish Borders. 

September 25th – Jon Ronson On…Anything For Love

Jon visits Stone Henge where he almost jumped over the fence to prove his devotion to his girlfriend. He talks to Jane Bussman about the time she decided to drop her well paid job in the media to seek out a man who worked in Africa for a charity. Things took a twist when she found he’d left for the UK so she set about making a living by going to interview a warlord who bought his underwear in Oxford street Marks and Spencer. Jane also ended up paying for the eye operation of an orphan from her own pocket.

Listen again to previous series on Jon Ronson's web site.
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