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Some of the artists who entered the Picture Competition
The Guide describes Nolan Worthington as a carbon-based life form with a long running obsession with the Hitchhiker's series and a keen interest in art. So when the chance arrived to contribute some artwork to the 20th anniversary edition of the classic Hitchhiker's Adventure Game he jumped at the chance. He is also the proud owner of a limited edition 'Disaster Area - Kakrafoon Solar Tour' holo CD, signed by the surviving members of the band.
Nolan Worthington
Andrew Wyld
Andrew Wyld has always been interested in how things work, or, in some cases, don't. An early fascination with vacuum cleaners and taps blossomed mysteriously into a love of science in general; he is now doing a mathematics PhD at Brunel University.

Introduced to Hitchhiker's as a child through the agency of his dad's paperback collection, he learned to draw entirely in order to stand a chance of appearing in an episode for a few brief seconds ...

Right: as Ziggy Stardust (or should that be Dirk Maggs?) for Red Nose Day.
Andrew Wyld
Engine Room of the Heart of Gold by Andrew Wyld
Andrew explains what all the bits of equipment in the Heart of Gold engine room do: "The Fourier transformer makes electromagnetic wavelets, the washing machine is an enormous source of brownian motion, the bambolweeny 57 does what all bambolweeny 57s do and the washing on the power line is because Marvin has a death wish."

Discover how Nolan and Andrew created their illustrations

Winners Andrew and Nolan visit the Hitchhiker studio
Roger Smith as Zaphod! In the unfashionable outer reaches of the western British Isles lives Roger Smith. He was introduced to the Hitch-hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy back in the early 80s, and again through a wormhole in 1951 on the Home Service, in a previous life as a scruffy bat. As he has grown older the continual reading, listening and watching of these apocryphal events has warped his consciousness. He now finds he laughs and smiles at the deranged world we live in. He named his daughter, Fenchurch, after one of the characters. He does his best not to panic whenever possible and he doesn’t wear a digital watch...
Andrew Geddes says: 'I'm originally from Rickmansworth (site of the cafe), but I'm now a third year illustration student at Swansea Institute. I tend to specialise in computer based artwork, mainly due to the magic of the 'undo' button. I'm a big Douglas Adams fan, so when I saw the chance to illustrate some pictures for the game, I leapt at it. It also made an excellent project for my course, though it did bemuse my tutors a bit. Visit my alter-ego 'Ged' on h2g2 if you have any questions, or just want to say hi."
Andrew Geddes
John Rushton John Rushton is '...a massive fan of all things Adams. I read a lot, and reasonably early on in my literary journey I was most fortunate to happen across what was to become my favourite book, ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’. Then came the discoveries of the TV series and original radio series, and with this competition I had the chance to show my adoration for the Guide. Hopefully I have suceeded.'

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