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3 Oct 2014
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This Sceptred Isle

Henry VI, Joan of Arc and Another Road to War
Henry VI came to the throne in 1422, at nine months old. He was not crowned until 1429. Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester was made Protector, John, Duke of Bedford, went to France as Regent and Commander in Chief. England was governed by an aristocratic council. The war with France continued but Parliament was loath to pour more money into the war. The English were defeated at Orleons in 1429 by Joan of Arc. The Maid of Orleons led her King in triumph to Rheims to be crowned Charles VII of France. At this point she considered her work done but the French court would not let her go home. In May 1430 she was captured by the Burgundians and sold to the English, a year later she was burned a the stake. From then on the war went badly for the English. Bedford died and all northern France was reconquered leaving only Calais to the English.

Joan of Arc
Joan of Arc
JOAN OF ARC (c. 1412-1431)

  • Maid of Orleons
  • Daughter of peasants in Domremy
  • Aged 13 she believed she heard the voices of the saints telling her to overthrow the English in Paris
  • The Dauphin was convinced and she led the French army to victory at Orleons and then took the Dauphin to Rheims to be crowned Charles VII
  • Captured by the Burgundians who sold her in 1430 to the English
  • The Bishop of Beauvais led the inquisition against her
  • Burned at the stake on 30th May, 1431
  • This later became her Feast Day when she was canonized in 1920

did you know?
Charles VII of France made no attempt to save Joan of Arc but abandoned her to her fate.

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1405Henry IV crushes Scrope's rebellion
1406James I, King of Scots
1413Henry V becomes King
1415Henry V is victorious at Agincourt
1420Treaty of Troyes declares Henry V heir to the French throne
1422Henry VI becomes King
Humphrey of Gloucester and John of Lancaster - protectors
1429Joan of Arc is victorious at Orleons
Charles VII of France crowned at Rouen
1431Joan of Arc burned at Rouen
1437James II, King of Scots

Frumenty with Venison
Meat royal, planted with lozenges of gold
Boars' heads in castles armed with gold
Stewed capon
Great pike
A red leach of sliced meats, eggs, fruits and spices, with lions carved therein in white
Custard royal with a leopard of gold sitting therein
Fritter like the sun, with a fleur-de-lis therein

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