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3 Oct 2014
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55BC - 1087AD
The Romans to William I

The Romans in Britain face resistance from Caractacus, Boudicca and some marauding Celts.

Athelstan, the First Sovereign
The first king of Wessex beats the Celts, the Danes, the Norwegians, Constantine, king of the Scots, and Olaf of Dublin to create a united kingdom.

Dunstan and Canute
Aethelred the Unready is forced to pay enormous bribes to marauding Vikings.

Canute and Edmund Ironside
Canute subdues the Yorkshire Danes and sacks Oxford and Winchester, but the tide turns against him when Edmund Ironside becomes king of Wessex.

Godwine and Edward the Confessor
The English must decide between respect for the royal line and the need to be protected.

The Battle of Stamford Bridge
Harold II beats his half brother in battle but doesn't bother to wait for reinforcements before marching his depleted army to Hastings.

The Battle of Hastings
William the Conqueror's mounted knights and well-trained archers take on Harold's travel-weary foot soldiers.

The Conquest
William the Conqueror is crowned King William I on Christmas Day 1066.

William the Conqueror wants to know who owns what because he needs to raise money.

Death of the Conqueror
William I's eldest son Robert resents his father's long life and conspires with the French Court to overthrow him.

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The Roman Way
Voices of the Powerless
55BCJulius Caesar
43ADConquest began
410Romans leave
450St Patrick
477Saxons land in Sussex
494Jutes in Kent
518King Arthur
550St David
563St Columba
597St Augustine
731Venerable Bede
760The Book of Kells
783Offa's Dyke
891Anglo Saxon Chronicle begins
916Vikings attack Ireland
924Athelstan becomes king
954Eric Bloodaxe of Norway is routed at York English take Northumbria
959Edgar king of England
960St Dunstan Archbishop of Canterbury
978Edward the Martyr murdered at Corfe Castle
1013Aethelred forced into exile in Normandy
1014Death of Sweyn I Forkbeard of Denmark
1016Edmund II Ironside chosen as king but defeated by
1034Duncan I, king of Scots
1035Harold I Harefoot, king of England
1040Harthacnut becomes king of England
Macbeth becomes king of Scotland
1042Edward the Confessor becomes king of England
1052Earl Godwine returns to England and regains Wessex
1058Malcolm III Canmore, king of Scots
1064Harold visits William II Normandy
1066Harold II becomes king
Defeats Harold Hardrada and Tostig at Stamford Bridge
Defeated by William of Normandy at Hastings
William I, the Conqueror becomes king
1070Lanfrac becomes Archbishop of Canterbury
1072William the Conqueror invades Scotland
Malcolm III of Scots pays homage to William
1078William the Conqueror begins the Tower of London
1087William the Conqueror dies
William Rufus becomes king of England
Robert becomes II Duke of Normandy

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