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3 Oct 2014
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1980 - 1999
Zimbabwe to the Dome

1980 Afghanistan & Michael Foot

1981 The SDP & IRA Hunger Strikes

1982 The Falklands War

1983 The Falklands Factor Election & Star Wars

1984 The Miners Strike & the Brighton Bomb

1985 Gorbachev & the Anglo-Irish Agreement

1986 Chernobyl & the Westland Affair

1987 The Great Debate, Black Monday, & the Great Storm

1988 Another Thatcher Victory & Cabinet Divisions

1989 The Fall of the Berlin Wall & Tiananmen Square

1990 The Poll Tax, the E.R.M., & Exit Margaret Thatcher

1991 John Major & War with Iraq

1992 Oldies, Speculators, & Labour Fails Again

1993 The Death of John Smith, Maastricht, & the Balkans

1995 Major Resigns & Labour Reforms

1997 The Death of Diana & the Election of New Labour

1999 Devolution, Kosovo, & the Lords

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1980Zimbabwe independence
1981Nott Defence review
Prince Charles marries Lady Diana Spencer
Ronald Reagan President of the USA
1982Britain wins Falklands War
1983Thatcher wins landslide victory
1984Coal Miners strike
Indira Gandhi of India assassinated
Death of poet, John Betjeman
1985Collapse of miners strike
Mikhail Gorbachev leader of USSR
1986Reagan-Gorbachev Summit
Elizabeth II first British monarch to visit China
1987Worst storm of the century in Great Britain
1988George Bush wins US Presidential election
Bruges speech
1989Tiananmen Square massacre
1990Thatcher overthrown
Party elects John Major to replace her
Iraqi invades Kuwait
Tories oust Margaret Thatcher
John Major new leader
1991The Second Gulf War
1992Conservatives win General Election
1993The Maastricht Treaty comes into force
1994EU enlargement negotiations end
South Africa rejoins the Commonwealth
Channel Tunnel inaugurated
Mandela President of South Africa
Death of Labour leader, John Smith
Bosnians reject Owen-Vance peace plan
1995Tony Blair drops Clause IV from Party Manifesto
UN 50th anniversary
1996IRA Docklands and Manchester bombings
Clinton wins second term
British beef banned in Europe
Dunblane massacre
Prince and Princess of Wales divorce
1997Labour wins General Election
Tony Blair becomes PM
Mother Teresa dies
Princess of Wales dies
1998President Clinton impeached
Good Friday agreement in Northern Ireland
1999Kosovo War
August Eclipse of the Sun
Scottish Parliament opens
Welsh Assembly opens

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