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3 Oct 2014
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1960 - 1979
Wind of Change to Thatcher

1960 The Wind of Change

1961 The Bay of Pigs & the Building of the Berlin Wall

1962 TW3, the Death of Marilyn Monroe, & the Cuban Missile Crisis

1963 Beeching, Profumo, & Martin Luther King's Dream

1964 Ian Smith, Harold Wilson, & Vietnam

1965 The Death of Churchill, Rolling Thunder, & U.D.I.

1966 Another Labour Victory

1967 The Six-Day War & Devaluation

1968 Revolution in Paris & Spring in Prague

1969 The Troubles, Biafra, & In Place of Strife

1970 Edward Heath Becomes P.M.

1971 Decimalisation & Ulster in Flames

1972 Britain Joins Europe, Bloody Sunday, & Black September

1973 Rivers of Blood, Europe, & the Yom Kippur War

1974 Who Governs Britain?

1975 The Birth of Thatcherism & a Referendum on Europe

1976 Wilson Resigns

1977 Jubilee & Charter 77

1978 Camp David, Devolution, & a Polish Pope

1979 Prime Minister Thatcher & the IRA

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1960Macmillan Wind of Change speech
Cyprus and Nigeria become independent
EFTA established
1961South Africa leaves Commonwealth
JF Kennedy US President
1962National Economic Development Council is formed
Cuban Missile Crisis
Death of Marilyn Monroe
1963Profumo Affair
Macmillan resigns as PM due to ill-health
The Earl of Home renounces peerage and as Sir Alec Douglas-Home becomes Prime Minister
Kennedy assassinated
1964Labour wins General Election
Harold Wilson becomes Prime Minister
1965Death of Winston Churchill
Edward Heath succeeds Douglas-Home as Tory leader
Rhodesia declares independence
1966Barclay's introduces first British credit card
1967Sterling is devalued
Six Day Arab-Israeli War
1968Commonwealth Immigration Act is passed
Anti Vietnam War riots throughout Europe
1969Charter given to Open University
Start of present "Troubles" in Ulster
Prince Charles becomes Prince of Wales
Knox-Johnston, first non-stop single handed circumnavigation
1970Tories win General Election
Edward Heath PM
1971Decimal Currency introduced
Industrial Relations Act is passed
1972Northern Irish Parliament is replaced by Westminster
1973Britain joins EEC
VAT introduced
Yom Kippur War
1974Labour win General Election
Harold Wilson is Prime Minister again
1975British EEC Referendum
Sex Discrimination Act
1976Race Relations Act
Concorde makes its first passenger flight
Wilson retires and Callaghan becomes Prime Minister
1977Nationalisation of aircraft industry
Jimmy Carter becomes President of the USA
1978Karol Wojtyla becomes Pope John Paul II
1979Tories win General Election
Margaret Thatcher becomes Britain's first woman PM
Lord Mountbatten assassinated by IRA

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