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3 Oct 2014
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1920 - 1939
The Russian Civil War to World War 2

Russia and Ireland
The Black and Tans form to fight the IRA

Lloyd George Out, Baldwin In
Conservatives win the general election

The First Labour PM and the Zinoviev Letter
Ramay MacDonald recognises the Soviet Government

Churchill's First Budget and the General Strike
TUC call off general strike after eight days

Enter Hitler
Nazis rally in Berlin

The Wall Street Crash
Margaret Bondfield becomes the first woman Cabinet Minister

European Union and India
The French propose a United States of Europe

National Government and Naval Mutiny
Labour cut unemployment benefit

The King and the Dominions
Nazis become Germany's most powerful political party

The Chancellor of Germany
The first concentration camp opens at Dachau, Germany

The Night of the Long Knives and the Long March
More than 50,000 'imperfect' Germans sterilised

MacDonald Resigns and Hitler Rearms
Foreign Secretary agrees to allow Italy to annex Abyssinia

Edward VIII and Unemployment
Two hundred unemployed men march from Jarrow to London

A Coronation as War Looms
The Japanese bomb Shanghai and sign a treaty with Germany

Anschluss and the Munich Agreement
Chamberlain promises 'Peace in our time'

The Approach of War
The Government plans to evacuate 2.3million children

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1920The Government of Ireland Act becomes law
The League of Nations is founded
Communist Party of Great Britain is formed
1921The Irish Free State is formed
1922Bonar Law becomes Prime Minister
Labour Party becomes the formal Opposition
Mussolini becomes Prime Minister of Italy
Stalin becomes Soviet leader
1923Baldwin becomes Prime Minister
1924First Labour government
Lenin dies
Baldwin returns
1925Gold bullion standard is agreed
1926The General Strike
1927The Trade Disputes Act is passed
The BBC is founded
1928Women over 21 win the vote
1929MacDonald becomes Prime Minister for the second time
1930The Simon Commission publishes its report on India
1931A National Government is formed
1932Mosley begins the British Union of Fascists
First Royal Christmas broadcast
1933Hitler becomes German Chancellor
Roosevelt becomes US President
1935Baldwin becomes Prime Minister for the last time
1936George V dies
Edward VIII becomes King
Edward VIII abdicates
George VI becomes King
1937Chamberlain becomes Prime Minister
1938The Munich agreement is signed
Germany annexes Austria
1939World War II begins
Conscription is introduced

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