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3 Oct 2014
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1861 - 1901
Victoria to Edward VII

Rise of Bismarck and Death of Palmerston
Germany crushes Austria

Disraeli and Electoral Reform
The Conservatives double the electorate

Disraeli and Gladstone
Gladstone takes over as Prime Minister

The Irish Church and Constitutional Crisis
Gladstone calls the Anglican Church a "hideous blot"

The Death of Dickens and a Question of Monarchy
Flogging is abolished

How Britain Bought the Suez Canal
Britain buys shares worth £4m in the Suez Canal

Gladstone and the War in Bosnia
Serbs revolt against the Turks

Empress of India
Queen Victoria is proclaimed Empress of India to 'a vast concourse of native Princes and nobles from all parts of India'

Gladstone Returns
Afghan troops massacre everyone at the British Embassy in Kabul

The Death of Disraeli
Gladstone replaces the Malt Tax with a tax on beer

Ireland, General Gordon and a New Political Party
The Transvaal rebels against British rule

The Death of Gladstone
The Liberals promise home Rule for Ireland, disestablishment of the Scottish and Welsh Churches, rural government, parliaments every three years and industrial accident compensation for workers

Omdurman, Ladysmith and Mafeking
Lord Kitchener recaptures the Sudan

The Boer War Turns the Century
The Boers embark on a guerilla campaign

The Death of Victoria and the Dream of Gerontius
The last of the Hanoverians requests a white funeral

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1861Prince Albert dies
1865Palmerston dies
Russell becomes Prime Minister
1868Disraeli becomes Prime Minister
Gladstone becomes Prime Minister
1870Franco-Prussian War
First Irish Land Act
1874Disraeli becomes Prime Minister
1877Victoria becomes Empress of India
1880Gladstone becomes Prime Minister
1881Disraeli dies
Second Irish Land Act
1885Salisbury becomes Prime Minister
1887Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee
1892Gladstone becomes Prime Minister
1894Rosebery becomes Prime Minister
1895Salisbury becomes Prime Minister
1897Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee
1898Gladstone dies
1899Second Boer War breaks out
1901Queen Victoria dies
Edward VII becomes King

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