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3 Oct 2014
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1837 - 1861
Victoria and Albert

Queen Victoria and the Chartists
Working-class leaders publish a People's Charter

The Bedchamber Crisis and Afghanistan
The British bombard Canton and seize Hong Kong in an attempt to secure the opium trade in China

Victoria and Dear Albert
The Queen marries her cousin

Prime Minister Peel and the Corn Laws
Sir Robert Peel resigns as the potato crop fails in Ireland

The Coming of Disraeli and the Death of Peel
Violence erupts as Irish starve

The Last Whig Government and the Working Classes
The Whigs, Peelites and Radicals join together as the Liberals

The Great Exhibition and the Eve of the Crimean War
Revolution hits France and the Italian states

Charge of the Light Brigade
The British cavalry serving in the Crimean War distinguish themselves with two astonishing charges

Florence Nightingale, Church and State
The Civil Service and the established Church are reformed

Palmerston becomes Prime Minister at the age of 71

The Indian Mutiny
The British army takes terrible revenge as men, women and children are massacred

Gladstone's First Budget
The Chancellor of the Exchequer plans to abolish Income Tax

The Arrow War
The English and French join forces to legitimise the opium trade

Disraeli's Fancy Reform Bill
The Chancellor of the Exchequer tries to enhance the franchise of the professional classes

American Civil War and the Death of Prince Albert
The South withdraws from The United States

After Albert
1.7m people emigrate

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1837William IV dies
Victoria becomes Queen
1838The People's Charter is issued
1839The Opium War breaks out
1840Victoria marries Prince Albert
1841Peel becomes Prime Minister
1842The Opium War ends
1845The Irish famine starts
1846The corn laws are repealed
Russell becomes Prime Minister
1848Public Health Act
1851The Great Exhibition
Louis Napoleon seizes power in France
1854The Crimean War breaks out
Florence Nightingale arrives at Scutari
1855Palmerston becomes Prime Minister
1856The Treaty of Paris ends the Crimean War
1857The Indian Mutiny breaks out
1858The Crown takes over the government of India
Derby becomes Prime Minister
The Indian Mutiny ends
Canning becomes 1st Viceroy
1859Palmerston becomes Prime Minister
1860Abraham Lincoln becomes President of the United States
1861Prince Albert dies

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