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3 Oct 2014
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1792 - 1837
War with France to William IV

Revolution and War with the French
Napoleon declares war on England

Ireland and Napoleon
Nelson saves Britain from invasion at the Battle of Trafalgar

George IV and Caroline of Brunswick
The Prince of Wales calls his wife, 'the vilest wretch this world was ever cursed with,' and absolves her of all marital duties

Suicide of Castlereagh, Peel and Criminal Reform
Deranged Foreign Secretary cuts his own throat

The End of Liverpool and George Canning
George IV asks Canning to be Prime Minister

Death of Canning and Wellington in Downing Street
Jews, Catholics, Dissenters and women are banned from universities and political office

Wellington, Ireland and Peelers
Irish demand Home Rule, Catholic emancipation

Death of George IV and the Start of Reform
William IV takes the throne at the age of 65

Earl Grey and the First Reform Act
Earl Grey abolishes 'rotten' and 'pocket' boroughs

The Poor Laws and Tolpuddle Martyrs
Slavery is abolished

Melbourne and the Death of William IV
Six trade unionists are sentenced to transportation for 'illegal oaths'

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1792French Revolutionary War begin
1793Britain enters the War
1798The Irish Rebellion is crushed
Nelson wins at Aboukir Bay
1801Pitt the Younger resigns
Addington becomes Prime Minister
Battle of Copenhagen is fought
1802Treaty of Amiens ends French Revolutionary War
1803The Napoleonic Wars begin
1805Nelson is victorious but dies at Trafalgar
1810George III becomes insane
1815Battle of Waterloo end Napoleonic Wars
1820George III dies
George IV becomes king
1821George IV excludes Queen Caroline from the coronation
1822Castlereagh commits suicide
1823O'Connell forms the Catholic Association
1828Wellington becomes Prime Minister
1829Metropolitan Police is formed
1830George IV dies
William IV becomes king
1833Slavery is abolished
1834Melbourne becomes Prime Minister
Robert Peel becomes Prime Minister
Tamworth Manifesto is announced
Houses of Parliament are burned down
1835Melbourne becomes Prime Minister
1837William IV dies
Victoria becomes Queen

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