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3 Oct 2014
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1702 - 1760
Anne to George II

A New Queen
France recognises James Edward Stuart as James III of England and VIII of Scotland - but Queen Anne comes to the throne

The Battle of Blenheim
The Duke of Marlborough commands the alliance of the Dutch Republic, the Holy Roman Empire, Britain, Portugal and the German States against France in the War of Spanish Succession

Union with Scotland
The English and Scottish Parliaments join together

England loses an Admiral
Sir Cloudesley Shovell is among 1,500 English sailors drowned as the British fleet is wrecked off the Scillies

End of the War and Marlborough Accused
Louis XIV withdraws from Spain as France admits defeat

The King of England Who Could Not Speak English
The fleet is mobilised, 10 battalions are recalled from Flanders and the garrisons are put under arms as George, Elector of Hanover, lands in Greenwich

The Hanoverians and the Jacobite Rising
Parliament passes the Riot Act as 10,000 men rebel against George I's rule in Scotland

Macgregors and the South Sea Bubble
The wars with France leave Britain with a £50million debt

Walpole, the First Prime Minister
Robert Walpole accuses the Tories of being Jacobites

New Hanoverians, Death, Gin and Defoe
Cheap gin and a lack of medical knowledge means more people are dying than being born

Monarchy, Cabinet, Dirty Taxes at the Crossroads
The Prime Minister stabilizes the economy, the monarchy and the Whig Party

George II and Turnip Townsend
George II accedes to the throne and sacks the Prime Minister

Queen Caroline and the Emergence of Pitt
Austria goes to war against Spain

A Bottled Ear, Grog and Rule Britannia
The Whigs demand war with Spain

Patronage and the Fall of Walpole
England joins Austria in the War of Austrian Succession against Frederick the Great of Prussia and France

The Final Charge of an English King
The Jacobites rise against the British throne

Bonnie Prince Charlie, Culloden and God Save the King
Charles Edward Stuart flees a massacre at Culloden Moor dressed as a woman

Hogarth, the Price of Gin & Pitt the Elder
Jacobite peers are beheaded

A Treaty of Serene and Potent Kings
England loses war in Europe

Clive of India
Clive defeats the French in India

Pitt and a New Calendar
The Seven Years War begins

Black Hole of Calcutta, Minorca and the Seven Years War
Outrage as British prisoners suffocate

Pitt's Militia, Canada and Act of Marriage
Pitt plans to invade Canada

1757 - The First World War
Britain and France fight a savage war in America

The East India Company wins India for the British Empire

The Death of George II and the Fall of Pitt
The British win Canada

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[an error occurred while processing this directive] Chronology
1702Anne becomes queen
1704Battle of Blenheim
1706Battle of Ramilles
1707Act of Union with Scotland
1709Sacheverell impeached
1711Marlborough dismissed
1714Death of Queen Anne
Death of Sophia, Electress of Hanover
George I becomes King
1715Jacobite revolt
1716Septennial Act passed
1717Triple Alliance is formed against Spain
1718Quadruple Alliance is formed
1720South Sea Bubble bursts
1722Walpole becomes Prime Minister
1727George I dies
George II becomes King
Death of Isaac Newton
1728Vote taken away from Irish Catholics
Irish Catholics deprived of the vote
1731Captain Jenkins loses his ear
1739War of Jenkins' Ear against Spain
1740War of Austrian Succession
Famine in Ireland
1742Walpole resigns
Pelham becomes Prime Minister
1743Battle of Dettingen
1745Last Jacobite Rebellion breaks out
1746Jacobites defeated at Cullodan
1751Death of Frederick Prince of Wales
1754Tom Pelham, Duke of Newcastle becomes Prime Minister
1756Pitt the Elder becomes Secretary at War
Seven Years' War starts
Black Hole of Calcutta
1757Militia Act
Calcutta recaptured
1760George II dies
George III becomes king
Wolfe dies at Quebec

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