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3 Oct 2014
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1660 - 1702
CharlesĀ II to JamesĀ II

Charles II and the Return of the Monarchy
Charles II returns to England as King of England, Scotland, France and Ireland, Defender of the Faith

The Cavalier Parliament
Charles II tries to prevent Parliament from executing Roundheads

The First Political Parties
Charles II accepts Tangiers and Bombay for marrying Catherine of Braganza

The Great Plague and the Great Fire
More than 7,000 die in a week as Bubonic plague hits London

Unholy Trinity - Church, Law and Medicine
Brutal Acts restrict the activity of dissenters

The First Sir Winston Churchill
Charles II promises to declare himself Catholic in return for cash from France

Paradise Lost to Pilgrim's Progress
Protestants plot to kill the King

The Death of Charles II
Protestants vote against James, Duke of York, becoming King as he refuses to return to the English Church

James II and the Monmouth Rebellion
James II uses the army to try to convert the country back to Catholicism

Judge Jeffreys
Two hundred captors of the failed Monmouth rebellion are executed and 800 deported as slaves

The 1688 Revolution
The country faces civil war as the King sends seven bishops to the Tower of London for seditious libel

William of Orange
James II flees to France as Prince William of the Netherlands invades to claim the English throne on behalf of his wife Mary

The Return to War
William and Mary become joint sovereigns and declare war on France

The Kingdom of William and Mary
William III humiliates the English army and navy by entrusting the most important commands to Dutchmen

The Origin of the Jacobites and Killiecrankie
James II invades Ireland with French troops as his Scottish supporters are massacred

The Battle of the Boyne
James II flees back to France as William III defeats his 100,000-strong Catholic army

War in Europe
William III loses terrible battles against the French in the Spanish Netherlands as Louis XIV tries to restore James II to the English throne

End of the War and the Ebbing of King Billy
Mary dies and William III signs a truce with France

Highwaymen, the Rise of Marlborough and War with Spain
England prepares for war as France invades the Spanish Netherlands

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[an error occurred while processing this directive] Chronology
1660Charles II signs the Declaration of Breda
Charles II is restored to the throne
1662Charles II marries Catherine of Braganza
1665The Great Plague
1666The Fire of London
1672Charles II issues the Declaration of Indulgence
1677Princess Mary marries William of Orange
1685Charles II dies
James II becomes King of England
Monmouth Rebellion put down
1687James II dissolves Parliament
1688Seven bishops imprisoned
Birth of James's son
William of Orange lands in England
James flees abroad
1689William III and Mary II become king and queen of England
1690Irish Jacobites defeated at Boyne
1691Treaty of Limerick
1694Death of Mary II
1701Death of James II
Louis XIV of France recognizes the Old Pretender as king
1702Anne becomes queen

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