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3 Oct 2014
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1327 - 1547
Edward III to Henry VIII

Isabella and Mortimer
Edward III gives his seven-year-old sister to Robert the Bruce's five-year-old son.

Edward III and the Start of the Hundred Years' War
Edward III makes a claim to the throne of France, and the English win a great sea battle.

Crecy, Calais and the Garter
Edward and his 16-year-old son invade France and reach the gates of Paris before being driven back to Crecy where they fight an horrific battle.

The Black Death
The Scots invade as England is devastated by floods, famine and plague.

The Black Prince and the Death of Edward III
Edward, the Black Prince, holds King John II of France to ransom in the Tower of London.

Richard II, Wat Tyler and the Peasants' Revolt
The Chancellor and the Treasurer are beheaded by an angry mob of rebellious peasants.

Lancaster and Bolingbroke
Henry Bolingbroke of Lancaster marches on London and murders the King's favourite Robert de Vere.

Henry IV, Hotspur and the Stake
The King makes it legal to burn convicted heretics at the stake.

Henry V
The English are outnumbered at the battle of Agincourt.

Henry VI, Joan of Arc and Another Road to War
Henry VI becomes King of England at the age of nine months.

The Wars of the Roses
The King has a breakdown and the Lancastrians rise against the Government.

Richard III, the Princes in the Tower and Bosworth
Richard murders his nephews, aged 12 and nine.

The First Tudor King
Richard III's sister sends two pretenders to overcome Henry VII.

Henry VIII, Flodden and Wolsey
James IV is killed in a bloody battle against the Scots.

Erasmus, Anne Boleyn and the Death of Wolsey
Henry VIII insists the Pope should acknowledge his marriage as a Papal mistake.

The End of the Monasteries and Little Jack Horner
Anne Boleyn is beheaded and Henry VIII marries Jayne Seymour.

The Auld Alliance and the Death of Henry VIII
The Scots and the French unite against the England.

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Voices of the Powerless

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1327Edward II is deposed
Edward III becomes King
Isabella & Mortimer govern
Scots invade England
1328Edward III recognizes Robert the Bruce as King of Scotland
1329Edward II died, almost certainly murdered
David II, King of Scots
1330Mortimer arrested and executed
Edward III seizes power and executes Mortimer
1332Edward Balliol invades Scotland and is crowned King
1333Scots expel Edward Balliol
Edward III defeats the Scots at Halidon Hill
1334David II of Scots flees to France
1337Start of 100 Years War
1340England win naval victory over French
1341David II returns to Scotland
1346England defeats France at Crecy
Edward defeats a Scottish invasion and captures David II
1348Order of the Garter is founded
The Black Death reaches England
1355The Hundred Years' War is renewed
1356Edward the Black Prince defeats the French at Poitiers
John II of Scotland is captured
1357Edward III releases David II
1361Edward, the Black Prince fights in Spain and contracts a disease
1376Edward, the Black Prince dies
1377Edward III dies
Richard II becomes King of England
John Of Gaunt is Steward of England
1381Peasants' Revolt
1387Lord Appellants win victory
1388Merciless Parliament
1390Robert III, King of Scots
1394Richard II leads successful invasion of Ireland
1398Henry Bolingbroke exiled
1399Death of John of Gaunt
Richard II deposed
Henry IV becomes King of England
Richard II confiscates Bolingbroke's inheritance
Henry of Lancaster (Bolingbroke) deposes Richard II
1400Richard II dies
1402Sir Henry Percy wins victory over Scots
1403Percys Revolt
Henry IV victorious at Shrewsbury
Sir Henry Percy killed
1405Henry IV crushes Scrope's rebellion
1406James I, King of Scotland
1408End of Percys Revolt
1413Henry V becomes King of England
1415Henry V is victorious at Agincourt
1420Treaty of Troyes declares Henry V heir to the French throne
1422Henry VI becomes King
Humphrey of Gloucester and John of Lancaster - protectors
1429Joan of Arc is victorious at Orleons
Charles VII of France crowned at Rouen
1431Joan of Arc burned at Rouen
1437James II, King of Scots
1445Henry VI marries Margaret of Anjou
1453The Hundred Years' War ends at Castillon
1454Henry VI temporarily insane - Richard of York protector
1455Wars of the Roses begin
St Albans - Yorkists defeat Lancastrians. Beaufort dies.
1460Warwick captures Henry VI at Northampton
James III, King of Scots
1461Edward IV wins at Towton and is crowned King
Magaret and Henry flee to Scotland
1465Henry VI is recaptured and imprisoned in the Tower
1469Earl of Warwick and Duke of Clarence plot against Edward
Henry VI is restored to the throne and Edward flees to
1471Edward IV lands in England, defeats Warwick at Barnet
Imprisons Henry VI who is later murdered
1483Edward IV dies
Edward V, King of England
Richard of Gloucester imprisons Edward V and his brother in the Tower where they disappear
Richard III declared King of England
1485Henry Tudor defeats and kills Richard III at Bosworth
Crowned Henry VII, King of England
1486Henry VII marries Elizabeth of York
1487Lambert Simnel's rebellion crushed
1488James IV, King of Scots
1491Perkin Warbeck claims the throne
1497Warbeck captured by Henry VII
1501Prince Arthur and Catherine of Aragon marry in London
1502Prince Arthur dies
1503Betrothal of Prince Henry to Catherine of Aragon
James IV of Scots marries Margaret Tudor, Henry's daughter
1509Henry VII dies
Henry VIII becomes King
Henry VIII marries Catherine of Aragon
1513Henry VIII defeats France at the Battle of Spurs
James IV of Scots invades England and is defeated and killed at Flodden
James V, King of Scots
1514Wolsey becomes Archbishop of York
Mary Tudor, Henry's sister, marries Louis XII of France
1515Wolsey becomes Lord Chancellor and cardinal
Francis I becomes King of France
1516Birth of Princess Mary
1518Wolsey made Papal Legate
1519Charles V becomes Holy Roman Emperor
1520Henry VIII meets Francis I of France at the Field of the Cloth of Gold.
1529Wolsey falls from power
Sir Thomas More becomes Chancellor
1531Thomas Cromwell becomes a privy councillor
1533Henry VIII secretly marries Anne Boleyn
Cranmer is made Archbishop of Canterbury
Cranmer grants Henry's divorce
Birth of Princess Elizabeth
1534Act of Supremacy
1536Catherine of Aragon dies
Anne Boleyn is executed
Henry VIII marries Jane Seymour
1537Prince Edward is born
Jane Seymour dies
1538James V of Scots marries Mary of Guise
Henry VIII is excommunicated
1540Henry VIII marries and divorces Anne of Cleves
Thomas Cromwell is executed
Henry VIII marries Catherine Howard
1542Catherine Howard executed
English defeat Scots at Solway Moss
Mary Queen of Scots becomes queen
1543Henry VIII marries Catherine Parr
1547Henry VIII dies
Edward VI becomes King of England and Ireland
Edward Seymour, Duke of Somerset, becomes lord Protector

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