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Would you swap an old analogue radio for money off a new digital one?

Radio Scrappage

Gas Hob

British Gas explains why a customer is still being pursued for a bill sent in error.

British Gas Error

Tom Conti

The actor is calling for simpler parking signs on the roads.

Tom Conti's Campaign

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From the Archive

Phone Fraud 27/04/2010

Police have arrested eight people after thousands of BT customers were tricked into giving their credit and debit card details to fraudsters pretending to be from BT.
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British Gas Bills 26/04/2010

Chris Jansen, commercial director of British Gas, explains why one customer is still being pursued for a bill it admitted last year was sent in error. He also promises to answer listeners' emails.
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One Way Streets 21/04/2010

Some London councils have decided to return notorious one way systems to two way traffic. Are we seeing the end of one way streets?
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Just Give Money 21/04/2010

The best way to alleviate long term poverty in some developing nations is not to ship food, buy water wells or goats; so says the author of a new book called: "Just Give Money".
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Gas cartels 20/04/2010

Should the countries that supply the UK with natural gas be allowed to form their own cartel?
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Cruise ship sick bug 15/04/2010

Holidaymakers on P&O's Oceana angry at extra costs for medical help when there was an outbreak of the winter vomiting bug norovirus.
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Language Schools 13/04/2010

New Home Office rules invalidate compulsory courses
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Financial Services Bills 13/04/2010

Impartial consumer advice service to steer people through the maze of financial products and new powers for the Financial Services Authority to launch industry-wide investigations of bad practis
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Social Care Funding 30/03/2010

Plan announced on how to fund Social Care in England. The Government has unveiled its White Paper on how to pay for older and disabled peoples' care.
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Battling For Benefits 10/03/2010

Nearly a fifth of British pensioners live below the poverty line but billions of pounds in benefits are still unclaimed.
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Council Cuts 01/03/2010

A new BBC survey shows council leaders are uncertain about how much they will have in their budgets over the next few years.
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Housing Special 08/03/2009

Are house prices likely to fall far enough and what are the prospects for building new "social" housing developments?
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