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You & Yours: Consumer News Archive

You and Yours news and discussions of affairs. For more items take a look at the You and Yours Beware!, Money, Food, Shopping, or Travel Archives.

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Jo Malone

How she took her business from kitchen table to global renown.

Jo Malone


Expert views and personal stories

Volcano ash round-up

Peter White

Are visitors to the Big Apple being overcharged?

Peter In New York

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From the Archive

Captain Peter Burkhill 28/04/2010

The Financial Services Authority has revealed that some banks may face action over the poor manner in which they have handled customer complaints.
More: Part 1 | Part 2

Banks and Complaints 28/04/2010

The Financial Services Authority has revealed that some banks may face action over the poor manner in which they have handled customer complaints.
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Trees and Grit 27/04/2010

Are the trees in your street looking woefully bare? It may be down to the large amounts of salt put on our roads to make them safe during bad weather
More: Programme information

Mortgage Misselling 26/04/2010

Adverts promising to win you compensation for bad mortgage advice may not deliver all they promise.
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The week the skies stood still 23/04/2010

Poet Ian McMillan on the upside of being marooned in a far flung location.
More: Programme information

Customer service cancelled? 23/04/2010

With all flights grounded to and from the UK for six days - how has the travel industry performed in delivering service for its customers?
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Michael Palin 23/04/2010

The TV travel extraordinaire tells us why 'slow travel' is a more civilised and exciting way to get from A to B.
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National Fraud Intelligence Bureau 22/04/2010

Police complain they can't use the new fourteen million pound National Fraud Intelligence Bureau designed to help them combat fraud.
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Amusement Parks 22/04/2010

Many of the smaller family run amusement parks have closed and there are fears for the future of the vintage rides. There are now plans to save these bits of history.
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Volcano News 20/04/2010

Some flights took off in the UK today but airspace has now been closed again as a second ash cloud spreads from the volcano.
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Ask You and Yours 20/04/2010

Solving listeners' volcano questions on ferries, post, long haul destinations, stranded foreigners, Royal Navy rescue ships, and the National Trust.
More: Programme information

Volcanic Ash Special 19/04/2010

The latest on the impact of the volcanic debris which has shut down UK airports.
More: Programme information

Whitney Houston 16/04/2010

Concert goers were unhappy with the singer's performance at the LG Arena in Birmingham on Tuesday - some are even calling for a refund. So, what can you do if you're not happy with a live concert?
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Are New York Cabbies Overcharging 15/04/2010

More and more visitors to New York report being over charged by taxi drivers using out-of-town rates for short journeys. Peter reports from New York, and talks to the city's new taxis commissioner.
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Volcanic Ash 15/04/2010

UK airspace is closed completely after plumes of volcanic ash threaten flight safety. What can travellers do if they have had to change their travel plans and when will the ash disappear?
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Athletes change nationality 14/04/2010

Is the growing trend of athletes changing their nationality to fly a flag of convenience endangering the poorer nations? Should more be done to prevent it?
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Palm Oil 14/04/2010

A new palm oil refinery opens in Liverpool next week. New Britain Palm Oil claims to be the first refinery in Europe able to trace its oil from the plantation to the finished product.
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Skin Cancer Warning 13/04/2010

Skin cancer rates in Britain have quadrupled since the 1970s. Cancer Research UK says it's the fastest rise in cases of any form of cancer. But does that make any difference to teenagers in Australia?
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Motorists see red over bright white lights 12/04/2010

Car manufacturers are accused of dazzling drivers with ultra bright xenon headlights. Motor manufacturers insist that they are legal and are no brighter than any other headlights.
More: Programme information

Powering the nation using food leftovers? 12/04/2010

Most food waste ends up in landfill – find out how it can be used to generate green energy.
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Music Finance 09/04/2010

The co-manager of Radiohead, Brian Message, says up-and-coming bands are struggling to get loans from banks to record albums and go on tour. So are they treating the music industry unfairly?
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Oysters 09/04/2010

This year twice the normal number of people reported contracting the norovirus after eating oysters. What safeguards are in place to protect consumers from becoming ill?
More: Programme information

Surplus Wines 09/04/2010

Why police are interested in a national newspaper advert which offered top wines for sale from bankrupt restaurants.
More: Programme information

Petrol Prices and Rural Communities 08/04/2010

Should businesses in the countryside pay a lower rate of fuel duty?
More: Programme information

Cycling Investment 08/04/2010

Has a government project to get more of us cycling been successful? Melanie Abbott reports.
More: Programme information

Energy Saving Lightbulbs Efficiency 08/04/2010

Do old fashioned lightbulbs really keep your gas bill down?
More: Programme information

Airline 'Extras' 07/04/2010

A US airline is set to introduce charges for hand luggage, so will our own airlines follow suit?
Guest: Simon Calder
More: Programme information

Community Allotment 07/04/2010

An update on the progress of a community allotment in Chorlton, Manchester. Reporter Geoff Bird visits for the first time this year.
More: Programme information

The Future of Books 29/03/2010

Charity shop managers are worried this income stream will dry up if e-readers really start to take off. But are they right to worry? Do traditional books have a future?
More: Programme information

The £34 million con 10/03/2010

More than 8,000 people signed up to a pyramid scam.
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Blockbuster video up for sale 19/03/2010

Is another famous name set to disappear from the high street?
More: Programme information

Home Brewing 08/03/2009

Making your own beer and wine is becoming more popular.
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