So You Want to Be A Scientist 2010 Experiments - Snails, Gig Crowds, Clouds & Facebook

Last Year's Winner

Ruth Brooks

Ruth Brooks: Homing Snails Experiment

Occupation: Retired special needs tutor, now writer

Age: 70

Gender: Female

Location: Totnes, Devon

"For a non-scientist like me, it was great to have my research idea taken seriously. Anyone can enter - just have a go!"

Ruth is continuing to track snails in her garden whilst writing a book about her love of science and gardening.

Last Year's Finalists

Sam O'Kell

Sam O'kell: Gig Crowd Experiment

Occupation: Croupier turned mathematician

Age: 36

Experiment: Crowd density at music gigs

"It was a really fun process, especially going to Roskilde music festival and working as part of a team."

Since taking part last year, Sam has now started a maths degree at the Open University.

Image of Nina Jones

Nina Jones: Facebook Photo-fit

Occupation: Student

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Experiment: Psychology of Facebook photos

"The whole experience was amazing. Being able to work with someone like Dr Bernie Hogan and have a glimpse at what scientists do was really exciting."

Nina received two A* and two As in her A-levels and is currently taking a gap year. She plans to teach English in Nepal before applying to University to study Politics, Philosophy and Economics.

John Rowlands

John Rowlands: Noctilucent Clouds

Occupation: Aerial photographer


Experiment: Predicting noctilucent clouds

"Through So You Want to Be a Scientist I was able to put my observations to some really constructive use. I was astounded at the interest that was awoken by the experiment."

John has continued his collaboration with Prof Nick Mitchell from Bath University. Together they are analysing the data John collected from the 2011 noctilucent cloud season. John has also started a new project with the Natural Environment Research Council observing volcanic ash and sulphur dioxide in the atmosphere.

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