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3 Oct 2014
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Whether you're Douglas Adams' number one fan, or you're into anything related to cult TV, then you can find out more on these specially selected web sites. For even more choice, visit the complete BBC Webguide. (


The BBC's very own guide to getting started on the internet and what you can do once you're online.


One of the most popular Internet magazines and with good cause. It's a well-written product which recognises that not everyone's a Nerd. There's advice for those about to step into Cyberspace as well as more detailed information for the experienced surfer. Best of all, it's not weighed down in technical gobbledegook. There are links all over the place, one for every day of the month, quick hits, on-line events, weird net, features and more, Phew! Bookmark it now.

Web Novice

New to the Net? This beginner's guide will help you find what you want on the Web and understand the jargon. The site provides good basic advice on how to surf the Net faster, join newsgroups, download software, choose the right ISP and create your own homepage on the Web. There's also a discussion forum although there's not much in it, and a link to Amazon bookstore with recommended internet titles if you want to learn more. The site doesn't look much, but it is quick and easy to find the info you want. More topics would be welcome.

BBC Cult

A site for devotees of the alternative offerings available at the BBC. Find out what the Simpsons are up to this week, or see what's happening to Kirk and Co in the classic Star Trek section. Primarily Sci-fi, it has a good links section, an archive, and also deals with the Beeb's off-beat drama, comedy and action series.

Douglas Adams
Meet the man himself, and learn about his life, his work, and his opinions.

Douglas Adams' latest venture... the Earth edition of "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy", or h2g2 for short. The aim is to create a comprehensive guide to the cathedral of human knowledge and it needs YOUR help. h2g2 requires contributions and knowledge from every corner of the Earth, and from every kind of mind it can find. Log on if you've got something to add....

All the sites listed are checked regularly. However, the constantly-changing nature of the Internet means some sites may alter after we have visited them. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external Web sites. You can help maintain the quality of Web Guide by letting us know if you find any sites unacceptable or offensive. Email: Your comments will be carefully considered.


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