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The Lost Weblog of Scrooby Trevithick
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The Lost Weblog of Scrooby Trevithick banner
Listen to the latest edition of the lost weblog of Scrooby TrevitickThursday 23:00 - 23:30,
26 June -  31 July 2008

Series begins:

Thursday 26 June at 11.00pm
Scrooby Trevitick
A series of web highlights from the diary of Scrooby Trevithick, put together by Andy Parsons.

Can you help?

Scrooby Trevithick went missing on the first of January of this year.

Scrooby was particularly interested in alternative lifestyles and he was always extremely curious about life’s hidden opportunities.

He left behind no notes – just his beloved MP3 player containing a number of his recordings which detail his recent exploits on how he's tried to better himself through various alternative lifestyles with the help of his mate Walshie

The Friends of Scrooby Trevithick has been set up to publicise Scrooby’s disappearance.

The Friends of Scrooby Trevithick have edited Scrooby’s web diaries into six half hours which are to be broadcast on Radio 4 on consecutive Thursdays from June 26th 2008 at 11pm. 

Useful Links:

Find Scrooby Trevithick

Scrooby's My Space page

Episode 1 - 26 June 2008

Scrooby starts his on-going search for self improvement by travelling with his friend Walshie to Havana in Cuba for a series of creative workshops. He dabbles in writing, reflexology, egg-decorating and going back to nature before making his own unusual Caribbean cocktails.

Episode 2 - 3 July 2008

Scrooby continues his quest to find himself by trying to improve his intellect with speed reading, having a brain work-out, trying Mensa classes, and ends up with his ever faithful mate Walshie on top of Ben Nevis with a brick, a lighter and a book of Carol Vordeman’s Sudoku.

Episode 3 - 10 July 2008

Scrooby and Walshie discover their new next-door neighbour is a homeopath which opens a window into alternative herbal medicine. Scrooby tries some guerilla gardening in the communal garden but finds his herb growing is frustrated not only by his neighbours but also by the local police force and some unwelcome heavies.

Episode 4 - 17 July 2008

This week Scrooby has some romantic problems and finds solace in trying out some feng shui, which encourages Scrooby to enter the unusual world of healing crystals. Through his experience, Scrooby and Walshie meet a strange neighbour, get onto the wrong side of the law, try their hand at Dowsing and find Monopoly not to have healing properties.

Episode 5 - 24 July 2008

Scrooby has been feeling overweight, so having investigated various fad diets, different forms of vegetarianism which include eating meat, and freeganism - the sourcing of leftover food from various premises bordering on theft, Scrooby decides to settle on an exercise/diet regime involving fiendishly complicated calorific calculations.

Episode 6  - 31 July 2008 

Continuing his journey of self-improvement, Scrooby gets worried about the content of his dreams, so with the help of his mate Walshie, an analyst, a visit to a massage parlour and some very smelly cheese, Scrooby tries to ease his nightmare-ridden slumber.
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