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Borsetshire Map 1024 by 768 pixels

Borsetshire Map

How to make this image your Wallpaper

WINDOWS 95, 98, NT, 2000 and XP

Right-click on the above image and select 'Set As Background' from the pop-up menu to make the image directly into wallpaper.

Or, alternatively, select 'Save Image As...' and save it into the 'Windows' directory. Then, in the 'Display' Control Panel, choose 'Background', and in the 'Wallpaper' window, choose the new picture and click 'OK'.

MAC OS 8, 8.5, 9 and OS X

Mac OS Users...
1. Check your screen size. (Click the Apple menu, then Control Panel, then Monitor) and click on the appropriate screen size below the image.
2. A big version of the picture will appear in another browser window. Save the file to your desktop by holding the mouse button down over the image and selecting 'Save this link As...' (Netscape) and 'Download Link to Disk' (Internet Explorer).
3. Move the downloaded wallpaper file ("name".jpg) into your wallpapers directory. First time users make a directory at the top level of your hard disk called 'Wallpapers' and save it there.


OS 9 and below:
4. Click on the Apple menu, then select 'Control Panels > Appearance. Click on the Desktop tab of the Appearance menu. On the left-hand side hit the 'Picture' button. On the right-hand side hit the 'Select Picture' button. If you have a 'Remove Picture' button instead of a 'Select Picture' button hit this and your current desktop wallpaper will be removed, the 'Select Picture' button will now appear. A file selector box will appear, choose your wallpapers directory and then the wallpaper file ("name".jpg). Hit open followed by 'Set Desktop'.

4. Go to the Apple menu (top left corner) and select 'System Preferences', then in the 'Personal' section of the 'System Preferences' menu click on 'Desktop'.
5. A desktop menu appears with a 'Collection' dropdown. Click on this and select the 'Choose folder' at the base of the dropdown.
6. Select your wallpaper directory (from wherever it sits on your system) and the 'name'.jpg you wish to use. Click the 'Choose' button. This takes you back to your 'Desktop' menu. Your 'name'.jpg will now be displayed in the image gallery at the base of the menu. Select this so that it becomes your 'Current Desktop Picture', then close your desktop menu.

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