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Awards for World Music 2008
Dub Qawwali
Gaudi Nusrat Fateh al Khan album cover
What happens when you take recently found recordings of a legendary (and now deceased) singer from West Asia and give them to a reggae obsessed, Italian DJ in London in 2007? The result is Dub Qawwali, an album released to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the passing of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan (1948-1997) was a Pakistani Sufi praise singer whose music was called “qawwali”. Nusrat was the latest in an unbroken family lineage of qawwali singers stretching back over the last 600 years. Among other honorary titles bestowed upon him, Nusrat was called Shahenshah-e-Qawwali, meaning The Emperor of Qawwali. His multi-octave voice possessed such transcendent power that he became the first Pakistani musician to win over substantial international audiences. Gaudi DJs at clubs and events across the globe while somehow finding time to release – so far - eleven solo albums and soundtracks, plus 80 remix albums. He calls his personalized, flowing techno-reggae style “Gaudi-dub.”

In 2005 Gaudi began conceiving a new production—composing original music for unreleased Nusrat recordings recently discovered in Pakistan. Slowly building loops of sound around Nusrat’s huge, curling vocal, Gaudi began to build the project he states he is today most proud of: Dub Qawwali. “Stylistically, I’m trying to fuse different cultures, genres and sounds while keeping the unifying element of love,” Gaudi explains.

Considered a legend both in and outside of his home country, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan was dubbed the ‘Elvis of the East’ and travelled the world promoting his unique brand of music inspired by the mystical faith of Sufi Islam. His untimely death left behind a vast repertoire of performances that have been sampled by countless DJs and composers over recent years. Even more potent in spreading the Nusrat legend has been the use of Khan’s voice on the soundtracks to several acclaimed films including Bandit Queen, The Last Temptation of Christ and Dead Man Walking. Directors find the huge (yet subtle) spiritual power conveyed by Nusrat appropriate accompaniment to cinematic scenes of great emotional impact.

Gaudi’s understanding of Jamaican dub technology lets him build an epic soundscape around Khan’s magisterial voice. Dub Qawwali takes the legendary art of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan into new musical territory.

Garth Cartwright

CD Review on BBC Music

Read other people's comments then Tell us what you think:

Naseem Zia, Australia
Please dont think like HALF GLASS IS EMPTY, I am surprised on Gaudi's selection. He selected the one and only one Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. Best wishes Guadi

Amir Khan, U.S.A
I am Pakistani/American World Music composer. So I was excited to learn that a European musician has utilized NFAK's recently found recordings in his new album.However, I am very disappointed to hear the result. I am sure Gaudi is good at what he does. Unfortunately, often, eastern classical singing cannot be simply backed with western chords. The result is that within the first 12 sec of the recording, NFAT sounds "off" (which I am sure he is not but rather due to orchestration/chords used in the background). The same thing happens again at 2:08 min into the recording.I think the overall sound or feeling of the song has to be appealing to your ears. In my humble opinion, this song is not.

irfan pakistan
what a classic excellent remix...great gaudi keep it up.

Rob Constantin
This album Dub Qawwali is simply fantastic! Excellent production, quality songs, fresh ideas and innovative style crossing reggae culture with sufi, for me this is a masterpiece!

maya (BZH) & london
This album is just fantastic!!!I fly every day on it...beautifulthanks soo muchmaya

DJ Don't F*** About
Gaudi rules, he should easily win one of your awards

Sarah Flavell
No, no, no, no, no, no!This is an awful desecration of wonderful music. It sounds like someone is just playing bad reggae in the background.

nishatro sanghera, London
Loved it- a wonderful combination of sounds.

hasan khalid, US
i am a huge fan of Nusrat and Gaudi gave it new style, i liked it

Naveed Awan Khan, London
Qawalli is timeless and doesnt but this album will age and is wrong. Its like the Bally Sagoo production which is rubbish. Gaudi has tried but it falls short.


stephan wikkler (Sweden)
I really love this cd, Sufi music and reggae music combined in the most beautiful way. the production in here is perfect!! Gaudi did an incredible job, and of course the inimitable voice of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan gives to this album a unique and "top level" touch! thank you. Stephan

mark (brighton - uk)
this album Dub Qawwali is a gem!!! superb production by Gaudi, gives an extra amazing "dub touch" to the beautiful voice of a true legend: Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. Gaudi/Khan a perfet combination!

Shafat, Kashmir, India
Just Awesome!!!! Just a step behind Night Song. Remixed very well otherwise considering that Nusrat was around in this one as he was very much active during Night Song

Karen B. Manchester UK
The album "Dub qawwali" by Gaudi + Nusrat is simply splendid! OMG when i bought it 2 months ago i couldn't believe my ears....reggae/dub and Qawwali music together in perfect symbiosis, Gaudi did an incredible job! The production of this album is truly immaculate! K.B.

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