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Awards for World Music 2007
Awards for World Music - DJ

DJ Sacha Dieu
SACHA DIEU - Interval and Post-Show Party DJ


“My nomadic up bringing could be the motive why I am so drawn to world music, It’s the gypsy in me, that feeling of not belonging to one country in particular. When listening to music, I enjoy being transported to distant places, to be taken on a ride, to travel aurally".

Sacha Dieu was born in Switzerland, grew up in Italy, lived in France and has been a visual artist, dj, record dealer, producer and journalist based in London for 22 years.

Sacha began collecting Indian, Middle Eastern and African music in his teens. Since 1998, he has been djing professionally and selling rare records to renowned music producers, djs and collectors. Funded by the Arts council in 1999, he researched a documentary on Hindustani vocal music and its influence on the New York Art Rock scene. Since 2003, he has been producing radio shows for Resonance Fm, in 2005 he presented a series on 60’s, 70’s and 80’s Bollywood music and last year he showcased 6 one hour shows on Oriental, Gypsy, Latin, Indian and African music.

In 2004, he co-founded “Stranger than paradise”, the successful burlesque monthly at Favela Chic (London) where he is resident DJ, airing out Balkan, Belly dance, Bollywood and Russian Disco music. Recently he djed alongside Lubo Alexandrov (Winner of the Juno Awards 2007) for the Balkan fever festival in London. As freelance journalist for Fact magazine, Sacha compiled a chart of Top 10 Balkan Beats and with the help of Edo Bouman, a Top 20 of the craziest Bollywood records ever made.


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