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Awards for World Music 2007 - Europe
Ojos de Brujo

Ojos de Brujo album cover
Ojos De Brujo bubbled away as a collective that shifted sound and identity for several years before coming out of leftfield to win major European success. On Sunday afternoon at Womad 2003 their dramatic main stage performance meant, for many, they stole the festival while an equally exuberant performance on Jools Holland’s Later TV show helped them to sell out a UK tour. Everywhere they played the Spanish wizards were weaving musical magic and leaving listeners entranced.

Ojos De Brujo came together in the late 1990s as various like-minded performers gathered around the Ramblas in Barcelona and began to make music using flamenco, Catalan rumba and hip-hop as their three musical bases. Never before has Barcelona been considered a stronghold of Spanish music – Madrid and Andalucia are where flamenco lives, Galicia and the Basque region both have strong traditional folk music scenes – yet by the start of the 21st Century Barcelona multi-ethnic neighbourhoods and irreverent approach to music making (lead by Manu Chao, who took up residence in the city in the 90s) had created a musical hothouse that the rest of Europe looked upon in awe. And Ojos De Brujo are the most prominent example of this creative flow.

The band’s eclectic style finds women rapping, palmas (the rhythmic handclapping of flamenco) getting mixed up with hip-hop scratching, flamenco and rock guitar, someone sings in Catalan and Spanish and Calo (the language of Spain’s Gypsies), a Hammond organ lays down a Latin jazz groove, a master of the cajón (flamenco’s wooden crate) keeps the rhythms dancing while Colombian percussionist Beto swings Afro-Latino beats into the groove.

Madness? Indeed, it’s an eclectic mix that boils with flavour and energy and suggests a direction in contemporary European music many others will be investigating over the next decade. Ojos de Brujo translates as “Eyes of the Wizard”. It’s an appropriate name for a band who attempt to create musical magic. And judging by the results on Vengue, the 2003 followup Bari and 2006’s Techari (Calo for "free"), the Catalan collective do possess musical magic.
Garth Cartwright

Ojos de Brujo website
Album Review on bbc.co.uk/music
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Ben Drummond
simply amazing, i saw them Live in the spanish mountains on a lake at midnight, they are truly magical and effecting to the max. musicans could learn something diffrent every time you listen to there stuff. one of the best bands i have heard.

Mirielle, Europe
Gracias, me gusta mucho bailar y cantar, so passionate, I just love to dance to you. I wish you all the very best, and hope I can be as successful as you.Besitos

Marvyn London
Ojos de brujo are amazing.they will be at Lovebox Weekender this year.It's going to be amazing!!!!

Priya, Leicester
The best thing about Ojos de Brujo is that they do not know how good they are!! I've seen them live and even when listening to their CD's it's impossible not to want to move - Their fusion of different rhythms is world class and with their music emits so much emotion you cannot helped but be moved. Each album has something more..always experimenting with something new - I Can't wait to see them again - hopefully soon in UK.

pipi madrid
gracias por ese TECHARÍ!!!!!!!!

Paddy, Midlothian
Having three of their albums I was delighted Ojos de Brujo made it to Edinburgh this week and I was not disappointed. Fantastic show, better live than on album and albums are great. Great fun, great night.

Masashi (japan)
when I first seen them,this band shocked me alot! good technique,groove,performance,mixing with flamenco dance. everyone of performance was making audience impress. spain has to proud of this band! now I listen to another flamenco things too. numre uno en la mundo! que bueno!

Ana, Bogotá Colombia
I never heard Ojos de brijo and loved the strong of the song and the mix of different music rithms. excellent

ricardo london
a fantastic fusion of hip hop and flamenco that has totaly captured me.The music makes you want to dance. The best band for me in the world.

Evi, Thessaloniki (Greece)
Como su ritmo no hay dos... Los que todavia no los han visto en vivo...QUE ESPERAIS??? Los mejores... Amos yaaaaaaaaaaaaa......

Francesco from Italy
en mi opinion es el grupo mas grande despues pink floyd: tienen todo: ritmo, sonido, inventiva, fusion de artes...Son los mejores!!!!!! Yo los adoro! Frà

ariel torres
lo mejor que e escuchado !!!!!

Ron White
Stunning, exciting, captivating.

mariaj salamank spañ
no sois "uno" de los mejores grupos del panorama musical, sois el mejor grupo.los discos son increibles y los conciertos, que decir de los conciertos... son únicos, mágicos e irrepetibles.

Maria Tudela (Navarra, Spain)
The best "live (concerts)" in the world, i´ve seen them for three times and I want more and more....they communicate really well in the state.......YOU ARE SIMPLY THE BEST

Susi. Zaragoza (ESPAÑA)
sois simplemente los mejores. No hay ningún grupo que haga una musica tan completa como vosotros. Solo se que mi hijo de 2 años solo baila cuando os oye. Ganais seguro

Max From Belgium.Antwerpen
this band..jezus what a music..it bring you to hauven..mistyk..you dont forget it because this music is real alive.the best modern flamenco style of the moment.with good musicens..Paece and love Max

Sam (Greece)
Great Music, Great live. Technically really good, exotic, and Funny. The don't look work for money the audience get the love and thy passion for they work. If you want to know what is a team work just get into one they concerts.

zahy yenny
Me encanta la música que hacen, me siento muy identificada con ustedes. Creo que son unos de los mejores trabajos que hay ahora mismo en España, así que les deseo muchisimo éxito y que esos premios sea vuestros. Saludos

Warwick Murray, Wellington
The moment I heard ventilaor R-80 on a compilation I was enchanted; I had finally found the band I have been looking for for years. I went out the very next day and bought all four albums (including the remixes) and the DVD. The fusion of passionate flamenco, rumba, hindu influences, and hip hop all played with an almost punk attitude, combined with a mesmerising visual appearance make this one of the most stunning bands I have ever listened to/watched (on TV thus far, unfortunately). I am no fan of neoliberal globalization, but the kind of globalization that brings about ODB should be embraced. Buena suerte, y por favor vengan a Nueva Zelandia!


teresa. valencia
ojos de brujo are the best band in the world, they are so great, good flamencohiphopmusicfussion, go to any concert, sure you will fun with they. they are simply the best

tam ov leeds
bought an album and still dont regret it.grooves n moves

Mario, Roma
Absolutely the best band in the world!!!! I've seen them 3 times live from september and december, don't know what you people miss!!! Hola Daniel estabas en La Riviera este diciembre? FANTASTICO!!!

Daniel. Madrid (Spain)
Ojos de brujo simply the best! They fusion all styles! They are great. And the winner are: ... Ojos de Brujo

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