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Awards for World Music 2007 - Africa
Mahmoud Ahmed


Mahmoud Ahmed album cover
When Mahmoud Ahmed took the stage at Womad 2005 many looked at this grey bearded (yet regal) figure and wondered if he could still touch the heights of those immaculate recordings he cut from 1971-1975. No worries: as his band locked into one of those rolling, eerie Horn Of Africa-grooves Ahmed opened his mouth and that great, mysterious horn of a voice sailed forth just as it had done all those years ago.

Mahmoud Ahmed is both a living legend and something of a mystery in the West. Undeniably Ethiopia’s most famous singer of its “golden era”, the three albums reissued of his recordings by French label Buda Musique as part of their Ethiopiques series have captured Western listeners in the same way that, say, the reissues of Robert Johnson’s Delta blues did a previous generation. Yet where Johnson was long dead Ahmed is alive and in fine voice. Why then hasn’t he become a bigger star on the world music circuit? It appears Ahmed is so valued by Ethiopians – both at home and the Diaspora – he’s too busy singing for weddings and private events to give much thought to Western audiences.

Mahmoud Ahmed was born May 8, 1941, in Addis Ababa. Although no one in his family sang from an early age Mahmoud made no effort to be anything else. Leaving school unqualified, Mahmoud began work as a shoe shine boy. A series of jobs followed until he ended up handy-man at the Arizona Club. One evening Mahmoud persuaded the house band to let him sing and soon he was a member of Haile Selassie’s ultra-official Imperial Band, remaining there until the military coup of 1974. Mahmoud cut his first single in 1971 and quickly became a favourite across Ethiopia. During Ethiopia’s 17-years of military dictatorship Mahmoud managed to sing in Addis’s luxury hotels and even toured the US!

Ahmed sings with a dark caress, never hurrying, voice riding a loping Amharic rhythm (essentially a five-note scale involving complex circular rhythm patterns). Indeed, as the Red Sea’s most seductive soul singer Mahmoud is the equivalent of many of the US greats.

Garth Cartwright

Buda Musique
Read other people's comments then Tell us what you think:

tef seattle
Thanks Bbc for the best 2007 Africa Award For The Legend best singer Mahmoud Ahmed .He is One of the best our time Artist.we love you Mahmoud !You are the best always.I never forget 8 years before in addis in his kasanshes club how he treat all his customer Elder or youth it dosnt matter for him his Salameta and Ege Anesas (the tradition greeting )it is unforgatable..Long live

biniyam addis ababa
i proud of u

Temesgen , Addis Ababa ETHIOPIA
sir mahmoud Ahmed i love you.I am so happy for you.You are the right persen to get this.You are the gratest of all songer. CONGRATULATION.

TSG from London ,UK
Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is something I always think one day the Ethiopian music recognise by the BBC, I wish Gashe Tilahun Gesese has this chance as wellCongratulation Gashe Mahmoud

dawit meharenel london
mahmoud i all ways say you are the best.

getachew the netherland
mahmoud ahmed is in my view one of the best ethiopian singer,the man is truly a music legend in every sense of the world.mohamed ahemed had managed torise from very humble beginnings and had made his rich vocals and romanticism knock on every heart in generations of ethiopians.Ethiopians music begins and ends with mahmude ahmed as far as i am concerned,i love his song,i love his voice, i lsten to him sinds i was 2 i love the way he moves .i encoraged myself (yes he is a big star) congratulations Gashe mohaoude.ahmed

yoseph, usa
hi mahmould, you are in our heart and you music flow in our blood vain. we love you.

Behilu Fisseha Addis Ababa
wowe i with naver hear like thise, Mahemud is a good Singer in Ethiopia enery Ethiopian is Remamber his Music Specially Yefiker wetmade Nesh woow i live his music

Tilahun Bekele (Angola, Luanda)
I could not find words powerfull enough o express my happiness THAT Mouhamud being awarded on international level. He has to deserve.

Tilahun Bekele (Angola)
I COULD NOT FIND WORDS POWERFULL ENOUGH TO EXPRESS MY HAPPINESS WHEN Muhamud Ahmed rewarded international wide.I think we sould not be surprised He has to deserve more than this

Yonathan, London
To be honest with world, Gashe mohammod deserves the "world class" muscian.

Ephrem: Toronto, Canada
Mahmoud Ahmed is in my view one of the best Ethiopian singers. I like you mahmoud.

zelalem & nini , London
Well done BBC. It's time to award those working hard to show the other side of ethiopia though music and many more out here and there for the whole world. CONGRA... gashe Mahmoud we love you. And most of all the BAND is so... fabb.. love you all. This is what we call it live music. thanks,

Madobe: Yemen
Congratulation Mahmood Mohamed! You Deserve to be the soul of Ehiopian Singers. Your voice is unique and unforgotable.You have contrubuted and enriched ethiopiam songs in the past 40 years. Thanks on the behalf of all.

Tiruwork, USA
I grow up listening to Mahmoud's songs. I always love his songs. But one of my eternal memories is my father's whistling of Mahmoud's songs. When I hear Mahmoud's songs, I always remember my late father and feels that he is still alive.

Solomon Zekarias, Manchester
The best legend of Ethiopian artists ever!

I am very proud to be an Ethiopian-American!!! He's not only the best singer, he is the king of African Music!!! Abo yemech!!!!!!!

Birhan (AUU)
Mahmoud you are always with me. I listen yourmusic everyday. BBC has done a very nice pride to you. You are always in our hearts. xx

Teddy, Eritrea
Such a well deserved and long over-due recognition! Mahmoud is by far one of the greatest and most talented musicians of Africa!Thank you for your music, devotion, compassion and lifelong service!We love you Mahmoud!!

Saron (Ethiopia)
He is our legend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We Love Him!

Ashenafi Yimam (Ethiopia)
Mahmoud Ahmed did it! What a wish for him to have. I love you!

Abadi from Cologne, Germany
Wow, what a marvelous vocalist! Congratulations Mr Mahmoud, you are indeed one of the very few best singers. The world has not yet heard of what Ethiopia can achieve in the 21st Century. Thank you Mahmoud for all these years you have entertained us and for polishing Ethiopian culture to its finest quality. Wish you long life, and be well.

Sara,Elio,Gilda and Silvia from Italy Milano
Mahmoud Ahmed is a very very special, and he has got a sublime voice. He's our best singer! Mahmoud you remain at our hearts!!

Sara,Elio,Gilda and Silvia from Italy Milano
One of the few self taught, talented Ethiopian musicians who started music as a teen but who kept his resonating voice unshaked by age...whose timeless works of art have touched so many souls where nothing was able to artist whose accomplishments have made the yard sticks of musical talent too difficult for others to reach..Well a lot can be said about Mahmoud..he is one of a kind Africa has seen and not only deserves it but his works may even be beyond the award itself..

Efrem , from somaliland
It's Amazing you make the history for us not only for u , and we Ethiopian are proud of it. thank you gash mohamoud .

Madobe : Yemen
one day, I was expecting Mr Mahmoud to deserve a worldwide recongnintion when I met him in Sanaa and enjoyed his legeng voice that took far deep into my soul. Mabruk Mohe

Nunu, Montreal, Canada
I don't have enough words to express my happines congrats mahmoud! I am proud of you you are my Idol you deserve it. I will never forget TIZITA and your old songs they mean a lot to me during sadness; love and happiness I just love you.

Dineka Kornma USA,Washington
Congratulations for all Ethiopians! As every body knows Mahmoud Ahmed is a great artist. He deserves the reward. I am very proud of him. He is the most talented artist in the world. It is also a great honour for all Ethiopians to hear this good news.

Timmy Reader, New Zealand
Its great to see a legend receive an award but when you receive the award from a legend like Robert Plant thats got to be the ultimate recognition!

Samuel, USA
Thank you Great Britain! Gashe Mahamuod, You are talented singer, teacher (your life) and ambassador (of Ethiopia ). The ups and downs you've been through is a lesson to all human beings. Gashe, I dont have to tell you this but, dont give space in your heart to hatred from those anti-Ethiopia "Ethiopians" who have been causing you troubles in USA. And keep on showing your love to Ethiopia. You are our vivid living example of hard working, tolerance, peace and love. That was all about your music and life. This Great award is one of the smallest things you deserve! Glory to the Legend! Thank you Mr.Francis Falceto! Thank you BBC! Glory to Ethiopia!

Tsegaye B. Selassie
It's is about that time, I am truly proud of mahamoud ahmed and our great Ethiopian music, I have been a true admirer of mahamoud ever since I was a kid and it gives me great pleasure to see his effort and talent been recognized world wide. I have always believed that Ethiopian music deserves more recognition than weddings, restaurants, soccer tournament and sporadic shows just for Ethiopians. All you talented Ethiopian musicians and singers PLEASE!!!!! let's us not limit ourselves break the barriers, suprise yourselves and the world, let's hear Ethiopian music everywere like other african music, let's create an era like the Ethiopiques time in our own style... our music has some of the sweetest melodies i have ever heard, brings tears to my eyes, funky bass lines and rythmes... OH LORD i can just go on... the fact of the matter is let's bring Ethiopian music to the world thus our culture. Thank you Ato Mahmoud Ahmed for those unforgetable songs and for making us proud... YOU ARE DE DON DADA!!!

Andy, Albany, NY, USA
Blown away. Well, I had not heard nor heard of this guy before. I'm familiar with much of West African music and musicians, but rather ignorant of those of East Africa. I listened to the performace on the "Listen Again" feature that is one of the many great things about the BBC website. I shall certainly find out more about this man and his music and his cultural background.Thanks.

Congratulations on your years of hard work that continues.

Bellete Bellete
Listening your songs is such a greatest joy to me......all your songs are peaceful rivers that come out from the garden of Eden. Now witnessing your international recognition......what should I say..... simply, so sweet!Congrat mahmud!

yohannes Abebe
I do no where to start,I have been waiting for so long,i am happy for him congratulation mohammed you are best

Birhan (Addis Ababa)
He is the greatest person next to Tomuluken Mellese. Congratulations Mahmoud!

Merid Seifu
Gashe Mahamud,You are one of those irreplaceable Ethiopian icons. Period! You and your great bands had made me feel very pround by your recent ahcievment award. Consider this award not only for a great performance in England but also for decades of musical achievments and contributions for your fellow Ethiopians. Congradualtions! Remember, Jesus loves you so am I!Merid (from the United States of America)

MHAMED AHNED THE Great ethiopia congra you best song mize music

I am glad for you. You proved that you are hero of not only Ethiopia but also the world!!!!

Solomon. USA
Truly 'Numero Uno' singer in Ethiopia. I'm proud to be ethiopian. Great job Mahmoud.

Sara, Addis Ababa
You Deserve it Man. I always cry when I Hear "Tizita". Long Live

Samson Tadesse from Canada
No doubt that gash Mahmoud is one of our greatest musical legend. I had been expecting that gash Mahmoud would release a song that could remediate his past political gaff as it entails to the Ethiopian territorial integrity and unity. Gash Tilahun, another musical living legend, has consistantly emphasised and demonstrated his Ethiopianess through his music with no ambivalence!

Samson Tadesse
No doubt that Gash Mahmoud is one of our greatest musical legends. I had been expecting that Gash Mahmoud would release a song that could remediate his past political gaff as it entails to the Ethiopian territorial integrity and unity. Gash Tilahun, another musical living legend, has consistantly emphasised and demonstrated his Ethiopianess through his music with no ambivalence!

Abi Nebyat,Ethiopia
I have no words to express my happiens when I here the News,he realy deserves .How did you find him ? I realy want to appereciate & thank BBC radio 3,please keep on looking us,you will find more

Achamyelesh, Jerusalem, Israel
Congratulations Gashe Mahmoud!! You are a great singer, God bless you!

Ermias Hargeisa
We are happy yeagerhe legochte.

Dawit sol.,Addis Ababa
Gash Mahmoud,you deserve are a best singer specially who fallen in 'love',teach there true filling. your song will remain every ethiopian mind. We are the best in everything. Don't you know BBC.

I am so much happay for him.I have no words to express the respect that i have for this Ethiopian lover bro.with all my love & proud.!!!!!!!!

Bezu Arlingon Va
Congratulations to Mahmoud. Your award make us feel Proud. We love your music & your humble Personality. I am also enjoying all the positive Comment you are getting from our beloved Habesha people. Truely you are one of the greatest.

Kassahun Tamirat, Ethiopia
I dare say it is a break through for Ethiopian music. I guess it is a good opportunity for the young vocalist to think of the international market. Mahmoud is one of the veteran Ethiopian singer especially his name is anonymous with ‘Tizita. The award is not only for Mahmoud it is also a millennium gift for all contemporary Ethiopian musicians and a paradigm shift to look at the international market. Let us think of following his footstep. Once again Congratulation!

Hashim . London
The right choice, this man deserved to win,I congratulate him and his family, well done my man

Thanks a lot Radio BBC for presenting Mahmud, it was so touching!

Congratualtion, Mr MOHAMUD AHAMED I think,all Ethiopian oversease and in country we happy with such wonzderful award.

kibret Zekiwos A.A Ethiopia
Gash Mahmoud we all are proud of you.Keep shinning man!Kibret

Aster Los Angeles
God knows How,When, is amazing!!! Congratulation and God Bless You.

Abeba Alemayehu, Ambo
I love you Mahmoud!

Congratulations, Gash Mahmoud! You are not only a great singer, you are also a humble and great person too. You so deserve this award. A big thank you also for BBC 3 for recognising one of the best singers in Ethiopia/Africa.

Terefe Addis Ababa
The name of "TIZITA" is MAHMOUD AHMED's best lovely song. I congratute you! I am so proud of you!

Solome from Addis Ababa
So, proud of you Gash Mohamud, You did it. God bless you all the time.

Elias, London
one of the best etiopian Artiest is Mahmoud. congeratulations to hem.i wish you all the best.

Hi MAHIMOUD Congratulations about your BBC MOUSIC award and i am so proud of you.Iwant to tell you one thing, I have one sister her nameis''TIZITA''and your lovely song is the same name of my sister name and i appriciate you THANK YOU.

Your are the top of the Best mohammed.. I am here doing my essay about you and i found this i want to say you are my hero.. i love you keep up what you doing. can wait to see you when i come home

Alem Tareke, USA
Mohmoud Ahmed has always been the hardest working artist in Ethiopian music. He is very good in the business and knew well how to sell it. To win an award on International stage, by all accounts, is really a great accomplishment. This is such a milestone in Mohmoud's musical journey that even the Mighty Tilahun Gessese will envy him.

Wabe Erebkanto
Mahmoud Ahemed one of the best Ethiopian singers we have.

Maria , Ethiopia
Congra Gash Mohammud, you are a greatest singer,you are really a king. i started listing your music, when i was a kid, for my mom also ,you are a king( slow song legend).i really proud of you Gash

Thank God! Ethiopia got what it deserves in the world of music thanks to MAHMOUD AHMED!

Habtamu G. (Mongolia)
"Yager Lij Yemar Tej" Proudly Ethiopian. You deserve more than this still I belive this is a good start to the world

Berhanu Tessema, Addis Ababa
i congratulate you by being victorious at WORLD LEVEL! Cheers. I listened to your interview and 'KULULUN MAN QUALESH'last night. I was very sad for not tunning into your inetrview with 'CHEWATA', sadly I was in Jimma for mourning. ONCE AGAIN CONGRATULATIONS MAHMOUD!

Dawit, Ethiopia
I am proud of Mahmoud being nominated by BB World Music Awards. and I am saying that the award is definately at the right time for the ethiopian famous artist and the moral for all ethiopian artist

Eli, USA
I think it is about time MA is acknowledged for his one of a kind talent. I have seen him perform the Old revolutionary songs and those love songs which made everyone succumbed not to mention the universally loved Gurage Songs and he has no equals! Had he been an Opera singer, Lucciano Pavarati wouldn't even be able to shine his shoes! Mahmoud hit the Opera scene, and make the World Tuned In! You sure seem overwight and about right for that! You don't have to speak Latin or Italian you just have to feel it! I cannt wait for Mahmud to come to the US. About time The US lets this World renouned composer to perform in this ctry. Let us make it happen and write to the US Emabassy in Addis to issue him not only a visa but an Honorarry Citizenship for He actually deserves it!

Yalem -Addis
Finally the 'unsung'hero get what he deserves.

tesfu addis ababa
you are our Gift specially for Berry

Abraham Zelalem , Addiss Ababa
I think that your God is love you. Our music father Mohammed select from the Africans.Congra...

Beth, London
I am so proud to be an Ethiopian an at the same time live in the UK. Mohammoud, you make me more proud when you win this award. I was pleased that BBC Radio 3 has organised this award. Thank you again. The hidden talent of Mohammoud is once again in the world's stage.

i am so happy he won nice for him and all ethiopians cool news

Liyat - Addis Ababa
I am extremely PROUD of Mahmoud Ahmed!!! He is an Icon with a capital I!

Biruk Yimene, Addis Ababa
You are our symbol in repainting this war torn famine stroken country. it may take some time but we will stand on the place where we belong. You are one of our generals in this war of rainessance. You have shown us that we indeed can make the world stand to its feet and applaud again, as we have done for thousands of years. thank you Mo!!!

Behailu from Addis Ababa
Congra. Mehammud you are our symbol of work thank you AMESEGINALHU

Lemessa Addis Ababa
Congra Gashe Mahmoud!You deserve it!!!

Mikias Sissay, Addis Ababa
Indeed Mohamud is an icon for not only for Ethiopians, but also the world. His musical contribution, for me personally, has a long standing influence. Particularly, the tizita ones are my favorite with which I meditate. No wonder he won the 2007 world music award. As he humbly pointed it out in his interview with local media, indeed the award is not only for him, but also all Ethiopian musicians, and above all the ones who contributed to his success. May almighty be with you in your future endeavors.

kibret Zekiwos
Gash Mahmoud,Congra! It is a great honour for all Ethiopians to hear this.You really deserve it.

I see he is playing in Quebec in July 2007. Does anyone know of other dates he is playing or his tour schedual or manager? Please email if you know. Thank You.

Teodrose Kebede
He is one of the great vocalists I know,he is the best, that is why he is called "YETEZITAW NEGUSE" and I think this award is his crown to prove that he really is a king.

dawit from british embassy
i fell crazy very crazy hahhahhahnow the world is listning us.that is it.

Abera Lemma, Norway
Mahmud is one of the leading legends of Ethiopian music. He really deserves the award. My thanks goes to the nominators and the organizers as well.

congra gash Mahmood, We are proud of you.

teshale kere from Addis Ababa
congratulation! Mahmoud Ahmed no one could not forget your oldies song they are a lot to us during sadness,happiness,love.......

Sileshi, Frankfurt/Germany
I say, congratulation to Mahmoud Ahmed and his promoters that enable him receiving this award. He deserves it.When i was a teenager,I admired and fell in love with his song "Yeshi-Haregitu"(Amharic:Lady with manifold root!) It was the time by which Mahmoud Ahmed won the attention of music listeners by the then "Listner's choice" radio programme.I could remember many a youngsters were captured in ecstasy of his songs like "Abai Mado", Ya Selam Elalo, etc.There are/were still super star singers like Tilahun Gesesse, Aster Awoqe,Alemaye Eshete, among others. Ethiopia is a home of vocalists & musicians. 21st century music would be dominated by Ethiopians and Ethiopian origin.Long live Mahmoud Ahmed!, ethiopia
i know ethiopian music like i know myself & Mahmoud Ahmed is the best of all time yes he desrive these award still he needs to get more his music is like a food to my soul his tizita takes you way back to time i m would send much love & respect to Mahmoud AhmedCongratualtions gashe Mahmoud!

Abraham Tesfaye, Addis Ababa
Dear Music Legend, Mohammud. This is the very little you could afford taking the immense role you played in the Ethiopian music. yu are not only a true musician but also have respectable personality. Victory for Ethiopia

afework nigussie netherland
he is one the father of ethiopian music golden and power full vocalist

what an amazing band to back the legend of Ethiopia. Great indeed, May the lord give you health and peace for many years to come.

you are the most talented artistcongratulation!

You are the greatest indeed! You have the Talent, Grace and well Mannered. YOU DESERV IT! True Ethiopin! Your are My #1! it is amzing you have that wonderful voice at the age of 67!!! God Bless you OUR MUSIC LEGEND! We will always be in our mind through the unforgetable TIZITA songs!With Big Respect!!!

Goitom Toronto

Roel Veyt, Antwerp
congratulations to Ato Mahmoud, well deserved indeed.and a sincere thank you to Francis Falceto, from Buda Music, who does a tremendous job in promoting Ethiopian music, worldwide.

Dawit Yifru from Ethiopian Musicians Association
The Ethiopian Musicians Association is very much glad to hear the good news of the award. Mohamud is one of the best singer in Ethiopia and he deserves the music award.

Giulia Taha
O! ONKEL GASCHIE GRATULIERE!!!ICH LIEBE DICH !!ANTE----m ihhhh!bitte ruf mir anGiulia Taha

Ema, London
This is just the begining.....just the begining.Here we come world with our undiscovered talent and yet eccentric. CONGRATS to all Ethiopians and ofcourse for Gashe Mehamoud....Very well done!!!!

Wow we are so proud to have such kind of singer i truly admire by his performance.

Yoseph, Canada
Mahmoud Ahmed is indeed a music legend. Almost all of his songs were hits. I would like to thank BBC for giving this year's award to him. Thanks also to Francis Falcetto who has worked hard to expose the music of horn of Africa to the world.

yared ,addis
he realy deserves this of my fevourite tizta singers

Yonas Addis Abeba
The ice is broken. We Ethiopians have a lot more to offer to the world. In the mean time, thank you all for recognizing one of our best singers. Congrats Mommy!

Menge, London
Congratulations Mahmoud for your long deserved award and recogntion. It was an honour for me to watch you on stage giving a fantastic performance as ever. Your grace, your dignity and passion for your country and your music is inspiring to us all. Well done and may your music help inspire generations to come.

Daniel Getachew ,addis abeba Eth
When I heared the news of winner world music in africa ,you know people abo gurage.I was so delighted ,he has always been in the most popular singer in our country and he also recognized in the world .Be happy congragulation .I wish a prosperous life .I am sure hope to see you at meskel square on 2000 EC......................

Yared, Addis Ababa
I was waiting long for this moment to see Mohammud's unnoticed talent shine a cross the world. He deserves. He is a slow song legend.

Mussie N. Addis Ababa
I am so gald that BBC, of all world media agencies has given this award, to my all time favorite singer, which I wish I could be able to do so.'Engedaye neh yene engida Ke ityopiya teneteh BBC guada'Congrats !!

Gibril Mahmoud
no one is more deserving of this award other then you. you have worked hard all your life to get to this point. you are truly a treasure to our country and an amazing father. i love you and congrats.......

Solomon Tesfamichael tsegaye from Los Angeles
I am greatfull for Mahmoud Ahmed as well as for my self as an Ethiopian.Thank You so much for your talent and effort to put our country to that catagory.As an entrtainer you deserve it. Congra Mahmoud!!!

Berhane, Liverpool
It is a great pleasure to hear such an Ethiopian legend watch him sing on the stage to night. I grew up listenig to his music and adore him so much. Thank you BBC radio 3 for recognizing his over 35 years of hard work in Ethiopian music. He richly deserves it and it means a lot to him, his country and the rest of the world.

John Bainbridge, UK
Tonight's performance is fantastic. I'm ashamed to admit I hadn't come across him before, but I'm glad I did. What a voice. What a tight, funky band. Well done, Radio 3. Is he touring?

Francis, Manchester
I saw a programme on Etheopia once. People got excited and jumped over cows. Oh well, Mahmoud is very good.

Belachew, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
I'm so glad when I heared this News. Mahmoud is the great artist. That's why he got this award. I appreciate him.

Taha and family from Germany
we are PROUD! of you. You gotthe wright Price for you and for our Ethiopia. Tibt!!!CONGRAGULATIONS!!!

zeinu toronto canada
Gashe congratulation. you know i am your biggest fan,littie brother zeinu.

I like this fellow citzen he has made us to listen our multicultural songs and pass it to generations in his fantastic voice for a long period of time.I like his ' Tizita' songs...

i realy appriciate the great artist mohamoud beside i had manny chances to see his perfoming on the stage and i sow how to control the stage and people's heart.

Lucy, UK
Mohammud deserves it he is a legend. I am proud of him.

Finbar, Naas, Ireland
Great to see Mahmoud get the nomination. Hope he does well. The best Ethiopian singer of all time is Tilahun Gesesse though!He's a national hero over there.


Tejju, USA
I am absolutely delight to see a singer like Mahmoud wins an award. I met him personaly in VA. He conduct himself like a gentel man. Indeed he is a winer. Wish him best to comeWith love

Selam Negasi Asmara
I am very happy hearing this news. When i hear MMahmus Ahmed I become delited. Wonderful !! It will give a leasson to hus Agame wife. VIVA !!

Elias Ethiosomali
Wow Mahmoud Ahmed U r the Best, Congratultions I like ur Tizita

Hani, Australia
Hey World!This is just the begning............for the real legends!!!!!!!!!!!!!

selam, Ethiopia
you can say im one of his biggest fan and i am thrilled to see hem receive this award. there is no one more deserving!!!! i hope this opens new doors for him as well as other ethiopian singer. this is a major acheivement and i hope we ethiopians use it as an invitation to enter the world market. as mentioned in the article mahmoud is busy singing at local events and weddings but this shouldnt be a justification for not entering the international competition or market.congrats, you have made us proudPS when writting the song tittle the first word ends with M and not N. thanx

Dr Teka Baraky İstanbul Turkey
i am very glad with his award.he is a musical legend and i have a great respect and admiration tohim

Mesfin Kebede from Ethiopia
Congradulation!!! All Ethiopian music lovers, Temesgen new, at last MahmMud get the recognition he deserve in the international media. i am proud off you

martin emhjellen
one of the true greats, his voice is so spiritual...and he truly deserves this recognition! good on him.

Mesi,Addis Ababa
Oooo, my God I am so happy for him .he is the right person to get this. Gash Mahmoud congratulation. You are the greatest of all singers. God bless you. Eneqane dese alehe.

Moges , Leeds UK
You are The Best Gashe Mahmoud.Keep it that way.Thanks.

Misrak California
Mahmoud, you are and always will be in the hearts of Ethiopians (as you are very much aware of)...this award can never serve justice to or quantify your value as a singer...your music is part of the tizita for home, love, etc.

Meaza, from Finalnd
its ever nice and best Mahamoud Ahmed , we proud and love him all the time

egypt oohhh.......
congra of the best Ethiopian singers.

feven gebralief England
Mohamed congratulation,we are proud by you.Lots of love

alene tefera
He is a great singer every body love him. his songs are about love, about country and about peace. no poltics never aster and epream too. congratulations Mahmoud


adey mahmoud a.a
he is the best thing in the world for me' yegebawal ' he is my best and truly singerwhen he sing i fell like he reads my inside he is a big trasure of ethiopia and also king of 'tizeta'i do not have a word to expres my feling and love love you gash mahmoud as a fan as a dauther

No Sleep Nigel, UK
I'm glad to see such a great artist receive his deserved recognition outside of Ethiopia. I hope this means many more will come to hear and enjoy his music. And I look forward to seeing him in concert in the UK once again (I hope!!!).

Lulu, California
Wow, I am so glad he got the award because Mahmoud is the best singer we got. I truly think he deseve the award and we Ethiopian should be proud to have him.

Yeharerwerk Gashaw Dallas Texas
MAHMOUD AHMED Not only he is a legend and a great singer, but a hero. Mahmoud Ahmed, traveled with the Ethiopian solders where ever our men in uniform traveled in order to defend Ethiopia and its people. He should know that he has a permanent place in the history of Ethiopia.Thank you for sharing the good news.From Yeharerwerk Gashaw Dallas Texas

mr mohamoad amead best ehtiopia singer always i do remember u iam appration you great music man congratualtion!world musica you choise every good

Muressia Alemu
Mahmud Ahmed is the true and the famous musician in the world. His birth place and my birth place are the same. Which is in guragea zone gumer wereda Aselecha. Then he is mine and I Love him.

techane kiros germany

BN, Stockholm
You are just excellent artist! I love your songs.

Ruth from addis ababa
i love his voice,songs... he is realy a singer.he is a great man, he deserves it.

Eazra : From Johannesburg
Congradulation Gash Mohamud. I am really proud of u. May god bless you with extra more years of great hit songs. I wish all the best.

waw that is great for you ,ethiopian people and your mother land , aswell,mohamoud!!!!

Mechal Ketema. Alexandria, Va
Of course Mahmoud Ahmed is a musical legend. The father of "Tizita" whose work dose not fade from generation to genration, deserves every ultimate recognition possible.

I thought that Mohmoud is the best singer in my home land nowmy imagination is coming true & not only in Ethiopia he is the best in the world.

it's a great miracle for me he did it...i am 22 yet i listened his musics starting from my childhood.the are great,his lyricstells u about the rell ethiopian life.we live alone in music,now we start being a friend with the rest of the world....u heared our music.....congra gash MAHMOUD...IT'S A MORAL FOR OTHER ETHIOPIANS

frehiwet Guta
He is one of the best Ethiopian songer.His voics is powerfull from other.

Sunnight, San Francisco
Ooo..., I so proud of gash Mohamoud, he is my hero since I, was a little girl I like to listen his wonderful musics, he deserves everything.

Elshaday AAU
I can say he is the write man in the wrong place.Therefore,this is the least thing for him

Jomanex, Nazareth, Ethiopia
Wow I am glad to hear from BBC such a great News, and I think their eyes will open to show the other side of Ethiopia, Bravo Mohammud now you finish your Race...

Nigussie Teshome Dejenie-Shashemene.
I am now on my late 50's. I have collected more than 500 Old Ethiopian Singers albums, in the last 40 years. Out of them it was Mohamud Ahmed who forced penetrated and reached my inner soul and stands the 1st all in my Life. He was the only Musician to force me to cry, listning to his music titled 'Zimta new melse', I feel sorry to what happened to him. Because I know him well, He may not remember me some 30 years ago, when I asked him to give me his picture with my Name written on it & his signature on the back. Oh…Mohamud is a Soft-hearted man for all human beings, beyond his musical ability. I like you mohamud all the times.

I dont have enough word to express my happiness.Just God bless u Muhe.I am in Love with u and your songs for almost 7 years.LoveTutu

Elleni, Ca
I wish he could sing for me on my wedding day, if i ever get married that is.I will make sure he gets my invitation just incase. I respect and love him.Congratulations. He deserves it.

Solomon G. ( india)
Mahmoud Ahmed is one of the best and great Ethiopian singer he s intelegent person.... mahamoud congrtulations caiooo.

Mahmoud is a great vocalist for me.He is also my father's favourite so I grew up listening to his music as a child. I am really glad he is considered for such an award. I wish long and healthy life for Ethiopia's music legend, Mahmoud Ahmed. Congratulations!

sisaynesh nashvill .tn
oh god i love him he is the sun of ethiopia singer enkan des alhe gasey mahmoud

Lgm...from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Mahamud is a legend in his own right. His unique style of singing Ethipian folklore and 'blues' mixed with modern touches of jazz makes him equally popular among the young and old Ethiopians alike.....Unfortunately, his integrity as a true nationalist has been put in question more than once in the past few years. And this has somewhat dampened his fans' enthusiasm towards his music.Lgm

Sol, Austin
He is one of the best. Kudos to him and the judges. BTW, how do they compare music of different languages and various cultues? Just curious...

ykuno mekelle
It is the man who deserves the reward he is the true singer.I love him from bottom my heart.Yes it is him to get this reward.

Ishida, Tokyo Japan
He is great!!!!!His newest album“Yitbarek”(2003)“Tizita Vol2”(2003)is still very very good!!!

Birhanu ,Belgium
He deserve it he is a nice singer

Edrissay, Canada
I am Eritrea and Mahmoud is one of the few Ethiopian personalties that I and my friends admire. Mahmoud Inkuan Des Aleh

abbysiniangirl, chicago
congrats mahmoud!!! Although i haven't really listened to his songs, i have heard a lot about him.

Mimi U.S.A.
Congratulations to Mahmoud! He is truly deserving of this award. Thanks for all the beautiful music and for making us proud.

Elias G. Ohio,USA
Mahmoud Ahmed is a great artist. He deserves this award. I love his love songs. His old songs are still in the mind of many people. Thank You BBC.

bena, vargina/ USA
askaroooooo mamude,kaearrrrrrrrr belenal lante lelejache with a lot of love.

Bini, Lorton, VA
he da man.. yall gots my jam

berhanu la-fontaine
mohamoud ahmed is one of the best singers in ethiopia and aiso a kind person this award not only for him it is for all ethiopia artist and the ethiopians this is amazing for me we proud of mohamoud ahmed

Dereje, saint Louis
I am very happy that Muhamed is a winner. but it looks like we forget other Ethiopian singers like Aster, Gigi, Ephrem,Tilahun and so on when we say Muhamed is the most famous Ethiopian singer.

Yoseph from Netherland
Mahmoud Ahmed is one of the best singer in Ethiopia.His natural exuberance,and joy in the singing ,endeared him to audiences very special.Long Live Mahmoud....


Aida, NY
Many thanks to the judges....u did a superb job...Mahmoud is not only my most favorite singer but also a bench mark to 'singing' and 'songs'. His songs walk us through our experience.

Samson, NYC
The best Ethiopian Singer is Tilahun Gesese but Mohamod is good.

Yordanos, usa
Wow! Great to see that people do get appreciation for talents they are blessed with and the hard work they put together. Mohamoud has always been terrific, with powerful vocals, having an all-ages fan, and conveying his magic on stage charmingly. He is phenomenal and deserves the award.

wondmagegne Alemayehu,Ethiopian Journalist in Lon
It is too late to award him now, any way he deserve to own this award .Come on he been in Ethiopian music History more than forty year that's why we call him King of Tizita.Many thanks to the organizers of the award !

Dereje, Glasgow
Mahmoud, is one of the greatest singer of the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and even now. I loved listening his songs a lot when I was growing up; back in Ethiopia. Even now, himself, Dr Tilahun, Aster Aweke, Bizunesh Bekele(the late) and Kassa Tesema(the late) are the people whose songs I carry in my car's glove box.He deserves to win and I am happy he did win.

esubalew ,addis
He is great and will do great if the TPLF allows him

HASABI, Sweden
HE IS A GREAT ETHIOPIAN SINGER. Mine and most of my generatios CHILDHOOD ASSOCIATED WITH HIS WONDERFUL SONGS.Specially "WEY FIKIR EYALE SEW YAWERAL" and OTHERS.and he deserve this kind of appreciation..thank you BBC.

Wubit from Swiss
Mohmoud Ahmed is one of the best Ethiopian Singers. I listen his song since I was alittle girl. Most of his song memorable. I love his songs. when I listen him, I will get a lots of schine in my heart. I am so glad b/c he got awarded.

As an Ethiopian I am glad to see Mahmoud among world best singers. But I had reservations to put him among "Ethiopian" singers. I think this is a real fact for any clear hearted citizen who does notice what is going on around at home.

G. Gelaye, Hamburg, Germany
Mahmoud is the king of Ethiopian Tizita, the melody we all love to listen. He is a living legend who attracted millinos of music lovers for nearly 40 years. Congratulations Mohamoud!

abraham sweden
keep going mahmoud

I'm happy for his award... And I'm ofcourse his funBut personally don't like his business minded... personality...He love to sleep with the enemy of Ethiopia if it means saving his business....No respect for the voice of his fun...ButCongradulation MohamudI still love your songand you are the best ..ofcourse next to Tile

Maria and Samy from Addis Ababa
We R Very Happy.

germa geber

It's gratifying to know that an Ethiopian Artist like Mahmoud has been recognized. I think it's about time. This award is very colourful like Rainbow also encouraging for a lot of talented Artist Ethiopians around the world. Mahmoud, congratulations and thank you for having our country recognized in this special contest. I like to thank the BBC for creating this web-site for us to participate in this great event. Hope to hear more new songs in a copule of months from you and others for the up-coming new year celebration in our country year on September 11,2000. God bless our beautiful country and people. Regards,

Zelalem from Washington DC

Dave, S.A.
Congra Mohamed. He deserved to win such award. Could u plz tell me if any other Ethiopian artist won this prize? And what's the procedure to be a candidate? There r a lot of Ethiopians who have the talent but don't have an idea about such award. Guys, I would like to invite u one of his songs " Yeshi Haregitu and ke anchi beker lela". Enjoy

manay ,
he is rock

Genet G , G _USA
"Gash mahemud" thank you soooooo much for your enierlife service and unforgatable musice.

tsegaye -Usa
mahmoud ahimed since my early stage until today truly he is my best & great singer,And I wishhim everythings sucssesful througthe rest of his life .

Daniel Rezene Asmara, Eritrea
Mahamoud deserves the award. He is the most gifted musician in Ethiopia. Here in Eritrea he is loved by everybody. Congradulations.

Garamuleta, London
Go! Mohmoud, Go! Mohmoud, when i was a little the first song i learnt to sing from my mum was yeshiharegitu. well done man you deserve it!!!

fikremariam Melaku Philadelphia U.S A
He is one of the best Ethiopian singer.

He is really one of Ethiopia's best singers. His song "Tizita"(memory) has not been able to be eclipsed by any one yet and I greatly doubt it will ever be. A well deserved choice by BBC.

D. Kelifo
Well what can I say about our Mehamud, he is an Ethiopian treasure and a leading light in his country's music who inspired many many Ethiopian musicians to follow in his footsteps. He is one of the pioneers in contemporary Ethiopian music whcih include Tilahun, Bizunesh, Bahta, Alemayehu etc.. to name a few.Congratulations Ato. Mehamud.

Amlakie, Maryland, USA
Well...i don't think there are words good enough to say something goodabout the legend Mohamoud...So i would rather send his own words back to him..." man biye liseyimih minis biye man libelih fitsum dink sew neh " Long live....

Tamerat, DC
We are the best in everything. Don't you know BBC.

tedy from london
Is it a miracle ? guy,s i'm over 30 year's of old and witnessed Mehamud was singing unbelivebly through out my life to the heighest level as far as Ethiopian music is conserned. My coment is where had they (the judges) been all of his carrier? When ever i listen to his musice(let's not forget Tilahun Gessese)it'll remind me my home, village,province and most of all our beautiful Ethiopia ,beautiful people and magnifisent culture. Simply he is a legend. He is a reference. He is an icon. It is very great of the judges but it is too let. In addision to this ,in my opinion, i will give the same awared to Tilahun Gessese and Aster Aweke. Thank's

Dilip, Washington DC
Mahmoud has always been the greatest Ethiopian singer in my book. We should all be happy to see this man getting the recognition he so well deserved. Lig Mahmoud, congrtulations, I sure hope to see you soon.

A cyberMate of mine, "Alemayehu"; posted the link under a certian discussion. It's great to learn one of my fav. singer Mahmoud Ahmed won the prize on these class.Enjoyable pick of song, btw.

God, another legend that Ethiopian own in a music industry and am so glad he got awarded for it. His amazing works will shine through centuries:) love u mahamud

Mahtot, Addis Ababa
I love his songs! I love his voice! I listen to him since I was a little girl. I had the wonderful chance of seeing him perform live, about a month ago, at the Sheraton Gaslight in Addis. Everybody was cheering! He sounds the same both live and recorded. I love the way he moves. He has this wonderful charisma. I love him! I encouraged myself (yeah, he is a big star!) to go and say, “Hi, I am a huge fun!” and added “betam new yemiweddot”. I am sure he will forgive me for addressing him as “antu”. I was not even born when he was already sooooo famous! Congratualtions gashe Mahmoud!

negash, maryland
I think his name has changed. He is no more is known by Mahmound. Better check that. As for as the award, there is no one that deserves more than him in Ethiopian music. Kudos to him and BBC too!!

Dawit, USA
One of the few self taught, talented Ethiopian musicians who started music as a teen but who kept his resonating voice unshaked by age...whose timeless works of art have touched so many souls where nothing was able to artist whose accomplishments have made the yard sticks of musical talent too difficult for others to reach..Well a lot can be said about Mahmoud..he is one of a kind Africa has seen and not only deserves it but his works may even be beyond the award itself..

Tesfaye Addis Ababa
why they call it the album "BUDA" ... here in ethiopia BUDA means eveil eye ...

Balcha, Harare
Mahmoud Ahmed has managed to rise from very humble beginnings and has made his rich vocals and romanticism knock on every heart in generations of Ethiopians. Even though the sad and wistful "tizita" is a favorite with many Ethiopian singers, Mahmoud's rendition tops all other recorded versions. At home, he continues to be the yardstick against which all others are measured. His music has been one of the few to reach audiences far beyond Ethiopia's borders. He rightly deserves the recognition and title of the world music awards.

Michael, New York
Ethiopian music begins and ends with Mahmoud Ahmed as far as I'm concerned. He personifies the unimposing grace of the Ethiopian people and is probably single-handedly responsible for the Ethiopian population explosion of the the last quarter-century. His almost forty-year recording career is a testament both to his skill as a singer and his ability to connect with audiences of all ages. He's a deserving candidate this or any other year.

John, Dublin
always so beautiful....

Ermias, Manchester
Mahmoud Ahmed is in my view one of the best Ethiopian singers. Although I do not remember much of Ethiopia before I left, at the age of six, Mahmouds' songs are still memorable to me. Such is the power of his songs. Ironically, he has an album entitled 'Tizita' i.e. Memories.

The man is truly a musical legend in every sense of the word, a great man, a peoples man, truly deserves the title of best african musician he's history proves that witout doubt

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