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Awards for World Music 2007 - Club Global
Gotan Project (photo by Pablo Carrera)


Gotan Project album cover
Tango was one of the first ever world music crazes, sweeping out of Buenos Aires across the Atlantic and onto the dance floors of Paris and London on the eve of the First World War. By the middle of the century, the sun was setting on its ‘golden age’ and a youthful Astor Piazzolla was poised to unleash his revolutionary ‘nuevo tango’ on a public that would either be bewildered or beguiled. But by the end of the millennium, el tango was in once again in the doldrums, waiting for the next Big Idea. Enter Gotan Project.

Piazzolla had controversially experimented with fusing tango and electronica way back in the ’70s, and he’s one of Gotan Project’s key influences. “Tango is the sort of music that you don’t joke with, particularly if you are Argentinean or you live in Argentina,” explains their main spokesman Philippe Cohen Solal. Happily, and almost certainly not by coincidence, he’s French, and lives in Paris. Maybe that’s one reason Gotan Project’s landmark 2001 debut La Revancha del Tango (“Tango‘s Revenge”) has sold over a million copies. Their spectacular, innovative and sophisticated live shows are another. The album’s suave mixture of vintage tango, dub and club ambiences attracted a following well beyond the world music ghetto that tango had retreated to sales are now nearing a million copies and effectively launched the ‘electrotango’ movement worldwide.

Solal’s 2004 DJ set Inspiración.Espiración was seen by some as a stop-gap, and even if it does provide revealing glimpses of their sources and influences such as Aníbal Troilo, Domingo Cura and of course Piazzolla, it’s only a qualified success. But the second ‘proper’ Gotan Project album Lunático (2006) effectively silenced the critics. As well as continuing their collaboration with the cream of paris’ argentine musicians; including the piano legend Gustavo Beytelmann - who conducted much of the musical goings on as well as all the string arrangements and bandoneonist Nini Flores, Philippe, Christoph H. Müller and Eduardo Makaroff travelled to Buenos Aires to record parts of the album with local musicians. It’s a more organic work, less aimed at young clubbers and more for ‘home listening’. They probably left some fans behind, but roots music lovers were gratified that it also delved deeper into Argentina’s incredibly rich store of folkloric rhythms, which Philippe admits they’ve yet to explore fully. He’s as surprised as anybody at their success and refreshingly frank about not really knowing – or worrying – about what might happen next. After all, as he admits: “I didn’t plan that tango would take up so many years of my life!”

Jon Lusk

Gotan Project official website
Album Review on
Read other people's comments then Tell us what you think:

sp Brazil
my friends can not stand la revancha dvd. please, release the lunatico live show dvd...

Martin Henery, Manchester
The Gotan project video from the World Music Awards seems to end halfgway through. Cna you check it out please?Regards,Martin

Georg from Germany
I hope I see they in Germany but first i have to buy a CD :-)

Jellybean Kent
Fantastic concert at the Barbican, longing to see Gotan again soon in England. PS am taking tango lessons!

Robert Follis London
Fantastic live Gotan at the Barbican last night - successful translation from CD to stage - an amazing band and a pleasure to watch/listen/dance. Come back soo

Daniela London
Gotan Project are great! magic sound!

Michael from Winchester,UK
Only the best can come from are my inspiration to music!Keep up the good work.

Maggy , London
I have seen Gotan live twice and again next week and play their music all the time - it justs gets better every time I listen . Fabulous , unbeatable sound. Keep coming!

Diane, U.S.
Gotan Project really deserves this award. Before hearing their music, I wasn't really interested in tango. But, what they've done is so captivating; now I want to explore it's origins.

Leonard Tomas Preston Lancashire UK
The Gaton Project take away the headache of a hard work day. Thankyou for such beautiful music

Ela Adan, TURKEY
Gotan Project is the best..!

Tineke from Groningen, Holland
The Gotan Project live in our town, it was sensationel!! Hope they will come again!

Ron White
Gotan Project can do no wrong! Compelling, captivating....

mala fron seychelles
listening to gotan , always make me want to sweep off my feet ...sensuality, won`t be able to turn off the disc ...excellent album!!!

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