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Awards for World Music 2007 - Americas
Gogol Bordello


Gogol Bordello album cover
Formed in New York in 1998, Gogol Bordello were, for a long time, known only to those who attended that city’s punk clubs or the Downtown art scene – in 2002 they performed as part of the Whitney Museum’s Biennial and at The Tate Modern.

Gogol Bordello released their debut single When the Trickster Comes a Pokin' in 1999 and followed in 2001 with their debut album Voi-La Intruder. A series of EPs and albums of raw punk-metal thrash (decorated with touches of accordion/violin/saxophone and droll Brechtian lyrical flourishes) followed before the band came of age on 2005’s Gypsy Punks: Underdog World Strike album. Gypsy Punks was produced by musician/producer Steve Albini, whose controversial approach to “noise” has been noted in his productions of Nirvana and Bush.

Gypsy Punks found Gogol Bordello disciplining their wild live energy: raw and fast they may be but at last they sound coherent. The album’s title found the band declaring themselves outsiders a la Eastern Europe’s Roma with such songs as Immigrant Punk and Think Globally Fuck Locally acting as acerbic adolescent anthems. A spectacular cabaret-flavoured live show, vocalist/band leader Eugene Hutz’s deft comic performance in the 2005 film Everything Is Illuminated and Radio 1 DJ Jo Whiley’s high rotation of their song Start Wearing Purple all ensured Gogol Bordello achieved considerable UK success.

Hutz, a slim, luxuriantly moustached vocalist who models himself on Iggy Pop, was born in Ukraine and evacuated in 1986 following the Chernobyl disaster. Hutz moved to the United States in 1993 and formed Gogol Bordello with the concept of taking punk thrash and mixing it with the furious energy of East European Gypsy music.

The resulting metallic K.O. has sparked much debate - perhaps the best comparison for Hutz’s creation is cinematic: his over-the-top stage performance and pronouncements recall Kazakhstan’s fictional representative Borat while Gogol Bordello’s live mix of cabaret, chaos, swearing and celebrations resembles Serbian filmmaker Emir Kusturica’s barmy Balkan epics.

Garth Cartwright

Gogol Bordello's website
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Kat, Leeds
I love Gogol Bordello and my son does too. Start Wearing Purple is his favorite song ever! I don't think he's quite up for one of their gigs yet so I can't go or I might be murdered. (he's seven)

Jack, Chesterfield
When i bought this album last having only heard one song i realised i had stumbled across my favourite album by complete accident. Now i managed to scratch it horrendously i still haven't managed to rebuy but it won't be long until i feel the need to hear the most exciting music ever recorded and go out and get it.

Polly, Northallerton, North Yorks, UK
Fantastic, I have been a fan of Gogol Bordello for 3 years, about time they were recognised with this award.

Mike, London
Saw them at Brixton a few months ago - they were brilliant. Reminded me of my favorite band of the 90's Mano Negra and I think inheritors of the spirit of bands like the Clash. Great energy and great lyrics.

ratsk of Nott's
A new meaning for Gogol is the way sideways....It do be the only way forwards...........Ratsk

Juno Doran, Forest of Bowland
Gogol Bordello are absolutely fantastic and I'm so glad they received this award.

An absoloute awesome band!My mate introduced them to me,via a live version of "start wearing purple",i then found the album,and played to absoloutely everyone i found,turning them all into fans!!Saw them on the EastPack Antidote tour, they rocked my freakin socks off...as i knew they would!!!! :DSEE THIS BAND BEFORE YOU DIE!EVERYONE!!!

Sarah, Reading, UK
THE best band at Reading Festival last year, only reason I went on the Friday. Awesome band, full of vitality, raw passion and power and an incredible presence on stage. Go and buy this album - best album I've ever bought. Cannot wait to see them at Reading Festival again this year, on the main stage where they rightly belong. I'll be down the front wearing purple! Party!

bluemagnolia, cambridge, uk
I discovered them only two months ago - what a find!!! pure fire running through those wild veins! exhilarating beat - you instantly feel injected with life

Gery, London Uk
Saw them twice, got their albums, was the best original thing that i discover in 2006

Andreas Stavros - Peterborough (sadly)
Gogol Bordello are, without question, the most thrilling live act on the planet, bar none. If you haven't seen them, you really, really, REALLY! should. Party!

Saw them twice, have all albums. Amazing.

dnice NYC
the best live band EVER! no joke.

Little Spy, Berkshire
Gogol Bordello are an amazing band who have creative innovation, raw energy and a live experience that will convert the unconvinced into willing devotees. They are absolutely not to be missed. Disappointed to see the tired old Borat and Iggy Pop cliches have been unoriginally trotted out once again. Eugene Hütz is frontman who, once seen, is never forgotten and is most definitely one of a kind.

LSR , Betws-y-Coed, North Wales
This band is wicked!!! Can't wait to buy this album.

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