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Awards for World Music 2007 - Club Global
Balkan Beat Box

Balkan Beat Box album cover
Balkan Beat Box are the misleadingly titled duo of Ori Kaplan and Tamir Muskat, two Israeli born musicians currently based in Brooklyn. Both Ori and Tamir grew up appreciating an eclectic blend of musics in Israel – Kaplan learnt classical and klezmer clarinet at an early age and listened to Egyptian pop, Russian and Moroccan music on the radio. As an adolescent he became fascinated with jazz, rock and industrial music. Muskat also grew up in a musical family and became a drummer in punk rock bands. Both would shift to the US as their musical ambitions lay beyond Israel’s relatively provincial pop-trance-rap scene.

The duo met in New York playing in bands that made up part of that city’s underground rock scene (Kaplan was a member of fellow Radio 3 nominees Gogol Bordello for a few years) and found they shared a progressive approach to making music. BBB compare their musical aesthetic to assembling a gigantic jigsaw puzzle – when a piece could not be found to fit they created their own – so resulting in their self-titled 2005 debut album. The album blends recordings of ethnic musicians with studio wizardry so creating a mix of exotic chill-out and dance tracks.

"I describe it as 'Mediterranean dancehall,'" Kaplan told a US interviewer. "Some people describe it as Balkan-inspired electronic urban folk, with hip-hop beats. It really took the sum of who we are, and our experiences. It can take a month to grow, or just one day."

In concert the duo are joined by a core of 6-10 musicians as well as employing computer programmes and inviting local rappers and dancers to join them on stage.

"If we discover a special local artist ... in Sweden, we had an Iranian rapper. In France, we had a Moroccan Gnawa musician,” says Kaplan. This helps push the BBB philosophy of a music and planet without borders where all share and live in peace.

Garth Cartwright

Balkan Beat Box website
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eli atash israel tlv
i was looking for a good music,and i have enjoed that very much,thank you...eli

Steve, Nice, France
Music like I've never heard before, but want to carry on listening to again and again! You guys are truly amazing, hope to see you again next time you play in London.

paolo roma

marcelle smyth south london
hi i think you are really amazing hope 2 c u guys play in london very soon xx luv ya xx marcelle

Tops, Leipzig
for me their their shows were: concert of the year in 2005 at pop d`europe festival, berlin & Concert of the year in 2006 at Kassablanca, jena

betz segv
the BEST TOP SUPER BAND OF THE GALXY ! ! ! very good in kontzert, full party groove . enjoy

chiko from israel
nothing as fresh as BBB,- hardcore, original, festive, brilliant!! th new album is going to hit hard!

SUCH GOOD ViBRaITIONS!! THE MUSIC OF BALKAN BEAT BOX MAKE ME SO HAPPY! love the show,we were dancing like crazy....

Leon, Tel Aviv Israel
One of the best shows in the world !

ken hopson . richmond va
i've seen tamir w/big lazy and ori with gogol bordello ... they took their own personal styles and fused them into a whole new sound. and what a sound it is. if the rest of the world could hear it they would certainly WIN the world music audience award.

momos cheeskos
Gorgeous beatz and timeless rhythm

big big big

Maria, Spain
AMAZING!!!!!! the best tunes!!!! havent seen them live, but i dont stop listening to their cd. BBB- be´hatzlaha!!!!!

Dana Muskat from Israel
i was in like a 10000000 showes and i stil think that they r the most butiful, amazing, interesting and exiting bend E-V-E-R!!!!!!

Ron White
As they say, a veritable musical jigsaw!

tel aviv
one of the best live shows groups

Stash S. , N.Y
i got a chance to see them in NYC last year.. truly one of the best live shows i have ever had the opportunity to see! and the bellydancer was amazing.

Claudia Frenzel/ Berlin/ Germany
These guys are GREAT!!!! EXCELLENT live-performer, amazing party at there shows. The definition of a very unique Balkan/Klezmer/Gypsy/Brass/Mix!!! Keep on rocking guys!

Steve, England
Fantastic original sound

Luckyumbrella midwest
I've seen them twice and it was truly life changing. Love ya Balkan Beat BOYS!!!

Mike, South Carolina
Saw them 3 times last year and going again in April. Outstanding live shows, most fun I've ever had at a party.

Maya, New York
I saw these guys preform in Tel Aviv...was the most amazing and entertaining show I have ever been too....so different and surprising as well as energetic... Highly recommended!!!

Matt, nyc USA
Best band, should win

Gitana Jazmin
The band members are extremely talented and super nice. This band is by far one of the best bands to dance to. Kudos boys! Besitos Gitana Jazmin

Debbie, New York
This group is amazing. I also saw them live, in Central Park, NY. They have a sound like no other group.

Magali, Toulouse (France)
I saw them live, they are excellent!!

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