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World On Your Street: The Global Music Challenge
Musicians' Stories
Click below for stories of music-making from around the UK. Or use the selector (right) to search by location or type of music.
Davide Giovannini Musicians
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Kim Ho Ip Musicians
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Ritu Sharma Musicians
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Abdelkadar SaadounAbdelkadar Saadoun - Algerian / Raï: 'Raï means opinion - my opinion, your opinion - it is freedom of expression. What's inside me heart comes out.'
Abdul GhafooriAbdul Ghafoori - Afghani: '...if you have interest and hope, I think that no instrument is difficult.'
Abdullah ChhadehAbdullah Chhadeh - Arabic / Middle Eastern: 'Traditionally, the qanun has 26 triple sets of strings but I added another 8, so creating a different instrument...'
Abdullah MufaAbdullah Mufa - Malay: 'Music has always been a part of my life when I was growing up in Malaysia, because there's always music around: Chinese, Indian, Malay...'
Adesose WallisAdesose Wallace - Traditional African / Afro-Beat: 'So we should just live together and share and learn about each other and benefit from each other.'
Ahmed 'Hudeydi' Ismail HusseinAhmed 'Hudeydi' Ismail Hussein - Somali: 'My nickname is 'Hudeydi' but I'm known as 'The King' because of my hot rhythms'
Ahmed MukhtarAhmed Mukhtar - Iraqi: 'I started to learn oud in 1979 and later attended the School of Fine Arts and Music in Baghdad'
Aidan MulhollandAidan Mulholland - Irish folk / Spanish : '...I ended up playing with a country trash band called Ten Wheels for Jesus'
Aldona CaldicottAldona Caldicott - Polish: 'After a while everybody gets very merry and happy once they've had a few drinks. Then there'll be a singing competition going.'
Ali SlimaniAli Slimani - Rai fusion: 'For the next four years I played percussion and sang with them. We toured Canada, Australia and Japan, among other places...'
Amara SheikAmara Sheik - Somali folk : 'The plan is to take the film to Somalia and show people what they're into and help them to see that things have got to change.'
Angélica LopezAngélica Lopez - Colombian / Salsa : 'The music of this region is different to much of the Latin music which is often heard in Britain.'
Anna MudekaAnna Mudeka - Zimbabwaen: 'We went to Japan with him and when we came back we were headhunted by Thomas Mapfumo.'
Athena AndreadisAthena Andreadis - Greek / World Fusion: 'I spent 6 months on a work placement in New York where I signed up for evening singing classes at the Julliard School of Music'
Ayub AliAyub Ali - Kurdish modern / Farsi: ' favourite English-speaking singer is Whitney Houston!'
Azad ZahawyAzad Zahawy - Kurdish folk: 'I attended special classes with many of the best Kurdish and Iranian musical tutors to improve my skills. '
Barak SchmoolBarak Schmool - African / Latin / Jazz: 'I think music should be a natural thing you do in your life. It's an affirmation of your community'
Beena ValembiaBeena Valembia - Indian: 'There's always an exchange of jokes between me and the audience. I love it.'
Ben BaddooBen Baddoo - Ghanaian: ' older brothers would initially hand me a bottle, or even a cowbell, to play out the rhythms'
Bharati BhundooBharati Bhundoo - Indian Classical: 'Indian classical is so pure and clear. It’s simple yet complex because you can easily sing out of tune.'
Billy AmstellBilly Amstell - Jazz, Klezmer: 'When he was out chasing 'birds' - he was a good-looking guy - I would open up his saxophone case and have a blow...'
Bosco De OlivieraBosco De Oliveira - Brazilian / Pagode: 'I started the London School of Samba with Alan Hayman. It's a great thing as it's still going on with other samba schools springing up'
Caner SahinCaner Sahin - Middle Eastern folk / Turkish / Kurdish / western classical: 'Even today if anyone ordinary wants to make Kurdish music, that person can't do it easily'
Carlos PeñaCarlos Peña - Salsa / Bolero: 'It was inspired by someone in the audience who asked for a tasty rhythm...'
ChanduChandu Mattani - Indian Classical / Gujerati: 'There was no limit then because the opportunities were great. England is such an attractive place...'
Chartwell DutiroChartwell Dutiro - Zimbabwe/Shona: 'So here I am in Devon, a Zimbabwean missionary if you like...'
Cloud ChiswamuCloud Chiswamu - Zimbabwean : 'My mum and my sisters are good at singing so it seeped through.'
Dana Codorean BerciuDana Codorean Berciu - Romanian folk / world fusion / klezmer: 'Roots music from Maramures in the North East of Transylvania is what really fires me'
Danny ShineDanny Shine - Jewish / Klezmer: 'We all sang round the table on a Friday every week to see the Sabbath in....'
Dave WoodheadDave Woodhead - South African / Kwela: 'By way of giving the lips a break from the trumpet, I’d play a few Spokes Mashiyane tunes on penny-whistle.'
Davide GiovanniniDavide Giovannini - Afro-Cuban drums: 'I went deeply into it - not as deeply as madness, but quite deep'...
Dylan Fowler © Adele NozedarDylan Fowler - Welsh folk: 'In Welsh we have a great word - Hiraeth, or longing. It sums up how I see music, that it's a special feeling that is just in there.'
Elin Wyn JonesElin Wyn Jones - Welsh folk: 'By the mid 1780's they began to burn these harps in favour of more modern instruments...'
Eliza CarthyEliza Carthy - English folk: 'For lullabies they'd sing me songs about prostitutes, about monsters breaking in the window... '
Errol LintonErrol Linton - Blues/Reggae: 'It's a Brixton blues, that's all I'll say on it.'
Fay HieldFay Hield - traditional English: 'The people I moved in with became the group I now sing with ­ The Witches of Elswick.'
Fiona DriverFiona Driver - Scottish / Texas Western swing: 'My great grandfather's fiddle was retrieved from the barn...'
Gary RuddGary Rudd - contemporary English folk : 'Among songwriters, characters like Bernard Cribbins and Eric Idle have been very influential on me'
George BradeGeorge Brade - Montserratian: 'I make and tune all
the pans for the band...'

Gholam Reza SoulimanyGholam Reza Soulimany - Persian / Turkish folk: ' reflects the sadness that people feel when missing their country.'
HamidHamid - Iranian / Persian: 'Gradually I learned to sing quarter notes which are very important for all facets of traditional Persian songs and singing.'
Hande DomacHande Domac - Turkish: 'I sing cheerful music as well but I'm interested in sad music because Turkish music is sad and emotional.'
Hannie AbokhamisHannie Abokhamis - Palestinian / desert techno: 'After three years in prison, I ran away to be with a Bedouin tribe. That's where I learned my music'
Jimmy MoonJimmy Moon - Scottish folk / Bluegrass: 'If you could imagine maybe in the 30's kids wanting to express themselves, you know, louder, brasher, faster…'
Johnny AdamsJohnny Adams - English folk / Irish folk: 'We sometimes do dances with the three fiddles and a cello... '
Josephine OniyamaJosephine Oniyama - English folk: 'Playing live is a real thrill and every time I do it, my confidence grows and grows...'
JosephJoseph Nsubuga - Ugandan / East Africa: 'I dug the club music so much that I just took the traditional music for granted...'
Julie MurphyJulie Murphy - traditional Welsh: 'Obviously as a singer you're naturally going to be drawn to the place where you are...'
José LeónJosé León - Cuban / Flamenco: 'I was taught and profoundly influenced by my uncle Antonio, who is a professional Flamenco guitarist'
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