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World On Your Street: The Global Music Challenge
Davide Giovannini
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Musician: Davide Giovannini

Location: Brixton, London

Instruments: Batá drums

Music: Cuban

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Listen  Listen (7'05) to an audio feature recorded at a Cuban Santeria party in Brixton. Presented by Lucy Duran; featuring Cuban-born Londoner Mario Lopez, with Davide Giovannini and friends on batá drums. (Broadcast on Radio 3: 29/1/02)

Listen  Listen (4'59) to 'Yemalla' sung and played by Davide Giovannini with friends in Brixton.

Watch  Watch (4'05) Davide and friends in Brixton.

Where I Play:

We're here in the basement of a house in Brixton. Everybody's come here today to celebrate the Day of the Kings, the three wise kings - it's the sixth of January. In Cuba it's the tradition to have a tambor on this day. A tambor is a party which is, most of the time, religious. And it's where you chant and sing - which means praying as well - for deities of the Yoruba pantheon, which we call orishas.

Some people come because they want to get closer to the music. Some people are initiated in the Santeria religion so they come for spiritual closeness. So we have a mixture of people, you find Nigerian Yorubas singing with us, and Cuban, and Italian, Spanish, whatever - that's really a beautiful thing, that we get together with different kinds of people from different backgrounds. A lot of people know the music nowadays and just love it, so they try to get as much of it as they can.

Dancing with DavideWatch a video of Davide and friends in Brixton.

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