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Boundary Crossing Think Of One nominated for the Boundary Crossing category

Think Of One (Belgium)

Song : Sidi Moussa
Album : Marrakech 3 with Emballages Ensemble (Zonk, Belgium)

Listen to a further track, "Nina" from their album Naft 2 released by Zonk records.

Think of twisted jazz and wild gypsy rhythms, fevered brass, hip hop, reggae and rock mixed up with Moroccan trance, Brazilian grooves and a punky DIY ethic - and you're just beginning to get the picture. It seems amazing that they should be half a dozen albums into their career before the rest of the world began to take much notice, but let's just say this nomination is richly deserved.

Fronted by singer, guitarist and songwriter David Bovee, Think Of One is a many headed hydra of a band, manifesting itself in a variety of incarnations. The six-piece brass band that goes by the name of NAFT ('Fuel') represents the core group, touring in a converted truck that doubles as a mobile stage. They mix aspects of their Belgian roots with all manner of world and pop influences, but it's their eclectic and out-there but sensitive collaborations with musicians from other countries that marks Think Of One as something special.

The Marrakech Emballages Ensemble combines their talents with those of B'Net Houaryet and two gnawa musicians from Morocco to seriously hypnotic effect, so far captured on three albums. Chuva em Pó is the name given to their most recent collaborative project, the result of a fruitful trip to North Eastern Brazil. The CD features the wonderful voice of Dona Sila do Côco, though fans will have to wait until spring 2004 to hear it.

And Think Of One are already planning their next project, which will involve Inuit musicians from North Quebec. There's no telling where they might end up after that, but one thinks it will be intriguing.

Jon Lusk 2003

Read other peoples comments

Think of one = pretty good but only one of belgiums freakin good artists; buscemi, arsenal, sven van hees, marc moulin, ... i adore em all
Niels Janssens

essential listening
steve park

I just heard the clip from the awards 2004 - they sound like a mad hoarde descending on the plains of global pop.

The new project with the Inuits is super!!

Great music

great new single from Chuva em Pô! Looking for a spot to download it, I will probably buy the CD but I need to be sure about the other songs first.

One of the best bands I have seen live - very entertaining - I hadn't seen anything like them before! They looked like they were having so much fun onstage I wished that I could play a brass instrument and join their band! Oh, and the coolest tuba player I ever seen..

It is amazing! I can never magine this music been produced by belgian musicians. seems there are still lots of things waitting for us to be found in the small country an international student in KUL Belgium

They really make nice music! I've been to a few concerts and every time they kick ass! You get in a trance listening and watching them.. they make stoned music, and that's how it feels: GREAT!

THINK OF ONE rocks ! AIWA!!!

you got to hear and see them it's a bunch of lovely people(choukès we say in antwerp)

Just heard them on the radio, indeed great band. But please come to belgium, and enjoy it. We are not a group of far right, corrupt, child murderers...
Bram Verniest

Excellent choice ! Brilliant lyrics too (in the beautifull language of Antwerp)
Jürgen Carpentier

Excellent!!!!!!! Congratulations Guy's

Maybe you could come to the Buxton Festival (?Fringe)in Derbyshire,U.K.
Andrea Metcalfe

The multilayering of sound is hypnotizing and addictive
catherine hart

Simply open minded and they not only play their music; they live it!

Think of one is super, i know them since the beginning and i experienced (noticed) a great and interesting evolution in their music!! Good luck Go Tomassi(and all musicians).

Great band

When you get the change to see them, don't waste it, just GO! It's always fun and you can't escape their enthusiasm! They are the best!








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