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    The Essay - Greek and Latin Voices

    BBC Radio 3’s new 12 week series The Essay: Greek and Latin Voices offers listeners an accessible modern guide to some of the foundation texts of Western culture. 

    The Essay: Greek and Latin Voices will be broadcast Monday to Thursday, 11.00pm-11.15pm, in six fortnightly blocs, one week with a Greek focus and one week with a Latin focus.  The series focuses on the works of the major figures of Greek and Latin literature, philosophy, history and politics, including Thucydides, Euripides, Plato, Horace, Augustine, Tacitus, Juvenal, Cicero and Virgil.

    Contributors include the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, broadcaster Martha Kearney, poet Michael Longley and scientist Baroness Greenfield. 

    Co-produced by the Open University, for more details
    Visit their website

    The Essay  Monday to Thursday night on Radio 3 at 11pm and available for 1 week to Listen Online.

      Plato: 7-10 July 2008
      Virgil: 14-17 July 2008

      Plato: Monday 7th July - Thursday 10th July
      Contributors: Chris Pelling,  MM McCabe, Chris Emlyn-Jones,  Mary Warnock.

      Virgil: Monday 14th July - Thursday 17th July
      Contributors: Maria Wyke, Seamus Heaney, Professor Charles Martindale (Bristol), Professor Philip Hardie (Cambridge).

        Ancient Rome
        Previous Editions

        Homer: 10-13 December 2007
        Horace: 17-20 December 2007

        Homer: Monday 10th– Thursday 14th December
        Contributors: Chris Pelling, Barbara Graziosi, Oliver Taplin and Michael Longley.

        Horace: Monday 17th December- Thursday 20th December
        Contributors: Maria Wyke, Stephen Harrison & Maureen Almond, Martha Kearney and Sandy McClatchy.

          Mask of Agamemnon
          Thucydides: 7-10 January 2008
          St Augustine: 14-17 January 2008

          Thucydides: Monday 7th- Thursday 10th January 2008
          Contributors: Chris Pelling, Paul Cartledge, Eugenia Kiesling.

          St Augustine: Monday 14th- Thursday 17th January 2008
          Contributors: Maria Wyke, Dr Rowan Williams, Gillian Clark, Dr James O'Donnell.

            Euripides: 3-6 March 2008
            Tacitus: 10-13 March 2008

            Euripides: Monday 3rd – Thursday 6th March 2008
            Contributors: Chris Pelling, Susan Greenfield, Simon Goldhill, Fiona Mcintosh

            Tacitus: Monday 10th - Thursday 13th March 2008
            Contributors: Maria Wyke, Ellen O'Gorman, Andy Martin, Rhiannon Ash

              Mask of Agamemnon
              Herodotus: 7-10 April 2008
              Juvenal: 14-17 April 2008

              Herodotus: Monday 7th - Thursday 10th April 2008
              Contributors: Christopher Pelling, Tom Holland, Emily Greenwood, Prof Paul Cartledge.

              Juvenal: Monday 14th - Thursday 17th April 2008
              Contributors:  Maria Wyke, Alistair Beaton, Dr Fred Jones, Dr Susanna Braund 

                Sappho: 2 - 5 June 2008
                Cicero: 9 - 12 June 2008

                Sappho: Monday 2nd - Thursday 5th June 2008
                Contributors: Prof Christopher Pelling, Margaret Reynolds, Eavan Boland, Barbara Graziosi

                Cicero: Monday 9th - Thursday 12th June 2008
                Contributors: Maria Wyke, Mary Beard, Paula James,

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